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APU International Students supported the Ritsumeikan Primary School's World Week as TAs

Sep 18, 2008

From Monday September 8th through to Friday 12th, 30 APU International Students supported Ritsumeikan Primary School's World Week in Kyoto as TAs (Teaching Assistants).

]There was a welcome party held on the first day, and a loud cheer went out to the classes, which APU International students take charge of as TA's, as they each gave their presentations.

On the following day at the cultural exchange meeting, they gave a performance introducing their native country's national costumes, dances and musical instruments. The students immersed themselves in the world's culture. The students also went on excursions, held lessons all in English (by APU students) and through many opportunities for exchange, deepened the ties between the students and APU International students.

On the last day at the full-school farewell assembly, the whole school sang in chorus the song "Together" while showing a slideshow of the weeks activities and some students and APU International students were seen shedding tears as they had to part.

Ritsumeikan Primary School was opened in 2006 with four educational pillars. One of them is "Raising global citizens." The school focuses on English education. In addition to English lessons from Grade 1 with Native English-speaking teacher, the school offers opportunities to exchange with multicultural people including APU international students so that the children can cultivate leaderships skills needed in international society from an early age. World Week with APU international students open every September.

In November, the 120 children in Grade 5 will visit APU on the "APU Camp" field trip.
APU international students also support these children's studies as TAs. There are a lot of students interested in international education at APU. They are very reliable staff to cultivate future international human resources.

Ritsumeikan Primary School Web site:http://www.ritsumei.ac.jp/primary/

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