1. Course Registration

Basic Information

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From Registration to Credit Completion

Plan your Course of Study

Looking towards graduation, students should create a study plan while being aware of what they will study over the course of their enrollment.

Register for Courses

Please be sure to register for the courses you would like to take during the Course Registration Period.

Take Courses

Please carry out course preparation, attendance, and review thoroughly.

Grade Evaluation

The professor will provide a grade for daily points (such as participation in class), exams, and reports.


When a passing grade is obtained, students willl receive credits.

Credit Registration Limits

  • There is a fixed maximum number of credits for which students may register each semester.
  • There are no minimum credit requirements per semester.
  • However, there are minimum requirements when applying for certain scholarships and programs.
  • As the number of credits registered may impact visa status for international students, please consult the Student Office in this matter.

Maximum Number of Credits: Master

Maximum Credit Limits 2-year Standard Completion
1st semester 22
2nd semester 22
3rd semester 22
4th semester 22

Maximum Number of Credits: Doctor

Doctoral students cannot register for more than the maximum credit limit each semester. Credit limits are as follows.

  Standard 3-year Completion Credit Limit 2-year Completion Credit Limit
1st semester 6 14
2nd semester 10 14
3rd semester 6 6
4th semester 10 4
5th semester 6 -
6th semester 4 -

Course Registration Overview

In order to take classes, students must first register for courses during “Course Registration Periods” held before each semester begins.

Registration Steps

1. Check the course registration schedule.

2. View syllabi and decide on which subjects to register.

3. Using the Subject List for your Graduate School and curriculum, and confirm the subject fields for each subject.

4. Check the course timetable.

5. Register for courses online during the designated Registration Period via Campusmate.

6. After completing course registration, print or save the ”Registration Confirmation Screen.”

7. Attend classes.

8. If desired, make any course registration changes during the appropriate Correction Period.


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