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Research Subsidy

The Research Support Subsidy endeavors to support the research activities of APU graduate students. It is expected that graduate students who make use of this subsidy will use their research findings to produce an academic paper that is not only worthy of a graduate degree but also academically relevant and recognized on an international level.

  Master Students PhD Students

Full-time APU Master’s student in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th semester

Full time APU doctoral students in the 1st to 6th semester

Subsidy Amount

Actual expenses up to JPY 75,000 for the accepted activity

Actual expenses up to JPY 100,000 for the accepted activity

Eligible Expenses
  • Conference Presentations: Conference registration/participation fee, transportations expenses, accommodation expenses, and per diem*
  • Participation in academic programs with a direct connection to the research (seminars or conferences, etc.): Registration/participation fee, transportations expenses, accommodation expenses, and per diem*
  • Field Research: Transportation expenses, accommodation expenses, and per diem*
    In the case where the candidate cannot conduct the field research by themselves, the cost of outsourcing to a company may be covered. (*It is not possible to request that an individual carry out the work on behalf of the applicant.)
    * Per diem is only for days on which research was conducted. Not provided for travel days.
  • Paper Publication: Publication and proofreading expenses
  • Purchase of Software/Databases: A subscription to a software or database for the period which is the closest to the period required for the supported research to be conducted.
Application Guidelines



Application Forms




Research Office: Subsidy Team
E-mail: ro-grad*apu.ac.jp
Note: Please change the "*" to "@".

Research Ethics and Compliance Training

APU offers training programs on Research Ethics and Compliance to support the responsible and ethical conduct of research and to ensure adherence to relevant rules and regulations. All Doctoral students, and Master’s students receiving research funds are required to take the Research Ethics and Compliance Training programs before beginning research.
Please click here to take the training.

Faculty Database

APU has developed a faculty database that allows APU faculty to publicize their research activities within Japan and across the world. Making our latest research results and research projects public is useful for developing partnerships with industry, promoting human resource exchange, and advancing collaborative research projects.
The contents of the Faculty Database are not only displayed on APU’s homepage, but also made available to the Japan Science and Technology Agency’s (JST) researchmap.

Off-campus Activities for an Extended Period

If you are planning on traveling away from APU for more than 2 weeks without taking a leave of absence or withdrawing from the program, you must receive your supervisor's approval* and inform the Academic Office prior to your departure through the link below.
*1st-semester GSM students who have not yet chosen a supervisor should receive approval from the Dean of GSM.

Off-campus Activities for an Extended Period

The reasons for this requirement are:

  • 1. For the management of your student visa, the Japan Immigration Bureau, Student Office and Academic Office must be informed of your academic progress each semester. The report on your off-campus activities may be used to prove your status as a current student at APU.
  • 2. In case of emergency, the University will be able to confirm your safety.

Note: If you need to apply for a leave of absence or withdrawal, please contact the Student Office.


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