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  1. Chapter 6: Grading & GPA

4. Grade Inquiries

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Grade inquiries will only be accepted in the following cases where there is a clear error in the grade announced.

  • A grade is not shown for a registered subject.
  • A grade is shown for a subject that the student did not register.
  • Errors in the grade report.
  • The grade shown does not match the grade calculated from the actual marks received on exams and / or reports.

If you will be submittng a grade inquiry, first check the syllabus and grade evaluation comments for the course. Then, submit your inquiry through the prescribed form providing objective evidence based on the information mentioned above to explain the reason for the inquiry. Inquiries that do not provide objective and concrete facts for the inquiry or are not submitted within the application period will not be accepted.

Grade Inquiry Period

Regardless of the reason, any application received after the deadline below, will not be accepted. No Exceptions.

  • Spring Semester Subjects|AY 2023
    Application Period:2023, August 30th (Wednesday) 10:00 ~ September 1st (Friday) noon 12:00:00(JST)
  • Summer Sessions Subjects|AY 2023
    Application Period:2023, September 6th (Wednesday) 10:00 ~ September 8th (Friday) noon 12:00:00(JST)
  • Fall Semester Subjects|AY 2023
    Application Period:2024, February 28th (Wednesday) 10:00 ~ March 1st (Friday) noon 12:00:00(JST)
  • Winter Sessions Subjects|AY 2023
    Application Period:2024, March 6th (Wednesday) 10:00 ~ March 8th (Friday) noon 12:00:00(JST)
  • Grade Inquiries for Off-campus Study Programs differ depending on the semester grades are awarded. Please check the application guidelines of each program for details.
    Off-campus Study Program HP https://en.apu.ac.jp/abroad/

How to Apply

  • From AY2021 Spring Semester, the application method for grade inquiries have changed. Please submit your application as follows.

Be sure to read carefully the manual before submitting your inquiry.
Grade Inquiry Manual (PDF)

Please apply within the application period through the corresponding grade inquiry form.
① Inquiry Form for Graduating Students

  • *Graduating students are those in their 8th semester or above and students registered in accelerated completion program who applied to graduate in September 2023.
  • *Graduating master students are those in their 4th semester or above and students registered in accelerated completion program who applied to graduate in September 2023.

② Inquiry Form for Current (Non-Graduating)

③ Inquiry Form for Session Courses


  • The application form includes descriptive-open questions. Allow yourself enough time to complete the form for submission.
  • Notification of acceptance or non-acceptance of grade inquiries will be sent to the student’s APU email address.

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