1. Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies Doctoral Degree Program

Doctoral Dissertation

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Features of Doctoral Dissertations

  • 1. Dissertations should be the result of the original investigation and/or should embody a critical appraisal or analysis of a primary or secondary source.
  • 2. Dissertations should be deemed a contribution to a body of knowledge and be worthy of publication.

Regarding the dissertation format, please see the clause "Doctoral Dissertation" of the Procedures for the Conferral of a Doctoral Degree in the Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies.

Submission of Doctoral Dissertations

Submission Requirements Having passed Doctoral Candidacy
Required Documents
  • Completed Dissertation
  • Abstract
  • Dissertation Register
  • Curriculum Vitae (free format)
  • Doctoral Dissertation Screening Application and Certificate of Authority (signed by candidate and supervisor)
  • Declaration Form Regarding Making My Doctoral Dissertation Available Online (signed by candidate and supervisor)

Procedures for the Conferral of Doctoral Degrees

Details on submission, evaluation, and more are available in the below procedures.

Students enrolled in Fall 2021 or earlier

Students enrolled in Spring 2022 or later


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