1. Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies Doctoral Degree Program

Enrollment Options for Ph.D. Students

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As the standard Doctoral Program length at APU is 3 years (6 semesters), students entering their 7th semester or above need to consider whether to extend their enrollment in the Doctoral Program, to take a Leave of Absence, or to withdraw from the University. Enrollment options for students in their 6th semester and beyond are explained in more detail below.

Extension of Period of Enrollment

Students wishing to stay enrolled in the Doctoral Program must apply for an extension to the Academic Office each semester they wish to continue their enrollment after their 6th semester. Students should carefully consult with their supervisor before submitting the application. Once an application is received, it shall be reviewed by the GSA Faculty Council for approval.

Documents to Submit

  • 1. Application for Extension of Period of Enrollment to Complete Doctoral Dissertation (please include an abstract / overview of your research and a list of your past research achievements).
  • 2. Doctoral Dissertation Composition Schedule (please ask your supervisor to add their signature and a comment).

Submission Deadlines

  • The last working day on or before January 10 (for extension in the Spring Semester)
  • The last working day on or before July 10 (for extension in the Fall Semester).

Please note that your enrollment must be valid at the following times:

  • 1. when applying for candidacy
  • 2. during the screening of the candidacy application
  • 3. when submitting their Doctoral Dissertation
  • 4. during the screening of the Doctoral Dissertation

Withdrawal or Leave of Absence

Students who need more time before they are ready to submit their dissertation for screening may consider withdrawing from the program or taking a Leave of Absence. The period of withdrawal is counted towards the maximum enrollment period of 6 years while the Leave of Absence period is NOT, as shown in the example below. Students nearing the end of their eligibility period or wishing to be re-admitted or reinstated are strongly encouraged to discuss possible alternatives with their supervisors, the Student Office, and the Academic Office.

Enrollment   Options   All Program Requirements
Must be Completed By:
2022 Spring Semester Withdrawal for 1 year 2027 Fall Semester
2022 Spring Semester Leave of Absence for 1 year* 2028 Fall Semester

*Maximum Leave of Absence period is 4 consecutive semesters (2 years).

Notes regarding Withdrawal and Leave of Absence:

  • 1. Students must be reinstated into the Graduate School before applying for candidacy and submitting their dissertation and must be enrolled in the Graduate School during the screening process.
  • 2. International student visas shall no longer be valid upon Withdraw or Leave of Absence from APU. International students who choose this option must leave Japan. Students should bear this in mind when deciding whether to extend or withdraw from the program.
  • 3. If a student withdraws from APU for a certain period, their enrollment status after re-admission as shown on Campusmate, etc. will not match with the number of semesters left for program completion.
  • 4. Procedures for Withdrawal and Leave of Absence are carried out at the Student Office.

Students should consult with their supervisor and the Academic / Student Offices for any questions or concerns regarding the Extension / Withdrawal / Leave of Absence options.


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