1. Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies Doctoral Degree Program

Research Supervision & Seminars

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Plan for Research Supervision

The Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies requires that the supervisor prepare a yearly plan for research supervision, present it to the student in advance, and conduct research supervision in accordance with this yearly plan. The Plan is created based on a research plan written by the student and presented to their supervisor. It reflects the student's individual research and is provided to students as a tool to help lead them to the successful completion of high-quality research.

The Plan establishes a guideline for students to follow to progress with their research in the subsequent year. It also serves as a reference point the supervisor can use to monitor the progress of the student's research.

The student prepares a research plan at the beginning of the 1st, 3rd, and 5th semesters and presents it to their supervisor who will, in consultation with the student, write and present the student with the Plan for Research Supervision for that year. Upon confirmation, both the student and supervisor sign the Plan, and the student submits a copy to the Academic Office for record-keeping.

Plan for Research Supervision Submission Deadline

Spring Semester Fall Semester
1st-semester students May 31 November 30
3rd- and 5th-semester students April 15 October 15
Submission Location Moodle

Note: If the deadline falls on a weekend or a holiday, or a day when the office is closed, the deadline will move to the immediately preceding working day.


  • 1. Students who have changed their supervisor: the new supervisor will prepare and present a yearly Plan for Research Supervision. Please provide your new supervisor with your research plan so they can do so. The period of research supervision in the Plan will depend on the time left until graduation.
  • 2. A Plan for Research Supervision will need to be prepared by students who extend their graduate program, as well as reinstated / readmitted students. Please present your supervisor with an updated research plan so they can prepare a new research supervision plan. The period of research supervision indicated in the Plan will depend on the extension period for students who are extending their programs and on the period until graduation for reinstated / readmitted students.

Plan for Research Supervision Form

Graduate Research in Progress Seminars (GRiPS)

The Graduate Research in Progress Seminars (GRiPS) are held to provide doctoral students an opportunity to gain presentation experience, receive constructive feedback, and learn from their peers.

As all doctoral students who have successfully passed the doctoral dissertation screening must orally defend their knowledge of the contents of the dissertation and the connected field at an oral examination in front of the Examination Committee, GRiPS is an important part of preparing students for the oral defense of their dissertation, which is required to obtain the Doctoral Degree.

At GRiPS, presenters discuss the progress of their research and respond to questions and comments from the audience. Not only is it beneficial to those currently presenting, but GRiPS also provides a good opportunity for master’s and undergraduate students to learn more about senior students’ research and the doctoral program.

Requirements for Doctoral Candidacy:

Students are required to present twice before applying for Doctoral Candidacy.
  • 1) Dissertation Proposal Defense (2nd semester)
    Students must submit and defend their dissertation proposal at the end of their second semester. The supervisor and an evaluator(s) recommended by the supervisor will evaluate the presentation to help verify that the proposal meets the level normally expected of a doctoral student.
    Evaluation Criteria
    Presentation Guidelines
  • 2) Pre-candidacy Oral Examination (4th semester*)
    Students must submit their research progress report and make a preliminary oral presentation before applying for Doctoral Candidacy. The supervisor and an evaluator(s) recommended by the supervisor will assess the presentation, and students must satisfy their expectations. Passing the examination is a prerequisite to applying for Doctoral Candidacy.
    Evaluation Criteria
    Presentation Guidelines

*The timing of the Pre-candidacy Oral Examination may vary depending on research progress.


The schedule and other details will be announced via Campus Terminal during the semester.


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