Student Life

How to Request Certificates / Transcripts


  • We would appreciate it if you would send us an email in order for us to better understand the exact nature of your inquiry. Please check here for frequently asked questions.
  • It is now possible for currently enrolled international students to issue a tuition payment receipt for their 2nd semester at APU onward. (Not possible for the first semester at APU.) Receipts may be issued for tuition paid after the 2020 Spring Semester. Click here for details.
  • Certificate issuing service at convenience stores
    APU’s certificate issuing service makes it possible to print APU certificates at convenience stores in Japan or receive them by mail.
  • It is possible to issue your Transcript of Academic Record that shows your grades up to the last semester (not the most recent one) from the date grades are released up to the start of the next semester. It will not be possible to issue an updated Transcript of Academic Record that has your grades from the most recent semester on it until the new semester begins.
  • Students who are in their 9th semester or above must renew their student ID card every semester. You cannot use the Automatic Certificate Dispenser to issue certificates if your student ID card has expired.