Student Life

How to Request Certificates / Transcripts

Before applying for a certificate, please check here first.
We would appreciate it if you would send us an email in order for us to better understand the exact nature of your inquiry.


Certificate issuing services temporarily suspended during the New Year holidays

The Student Office’s certificate issuing services will be temporarily suspended from December 28, 2023 (Thu) to January 7, 2024 (Sun).
Certificate Issuing Service (Convenience Stores / Postal Mail) will be suspended from January 1, 2024 (Mon) to Noon on January 9, 2024 (Tue) noon.
If you are in a hurry, please submit your application by December 31. Click here to apply.

Please see below for details. Inquiries received during this period will be answered on or after January 8 (Mon.).
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you in advance for your cooperation.

1. Usage Suspension Period
<Automatic Certificate Dispenser in front of the Student Office and APU Library>
Usage suspended from 18:00 on Wednesday, December 27, 2023 until 12:00 on Monday, January 8, 2024.

2. The following chart shows the dates certificates will be available for pick-up at the Student Office counter and the mailing date for those who applied via the certificate issuing service and who chose to have the certificate mailed directly to them.

Application date Counter pick-up/mailing date
Monday, Dec 25
(Received by 16:30)
Wednesday, Dec 27
Monday, Dec 25 ~ Wednesday, Dec 27
(Received by 16:30)
Thursday, Jan 11, 2024
Thursday, Dec 28 ~ Friday, Jan 12, 2024

*Please be aware it may take more time depending on the type of certificate.

3. Certificate Issuing Service at Convenience Stores
Certificate issuing services at convenience stores will be available until December 31, 2023.
Service will be suspended from Monday, January 1, 2024 until noon on Tuesday, January 9, 2024.
Former students who are using the certificate issuing service for the first time must apply.
Applications to use the certificate issuing service that are submitted after 16:30 on December 27 (Wed) will not be approved until sometime after noon on January 9 (Tue). Please apply to use the service as soon as possible if you are in a hurry.

4. Student Discount Certificates
Student Discount Certificates can only be obtained via Automatic Certificate Dispensers. Be sure to print out the Student Discount Certificates before Automatic Certificate Dispenser use is temporarily suspended if you intend to use a Student Discount Certificate during the new year holidays.