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How to Request Certificates / Transcripts

Students graduating in September 2021

The Fall Degree Conferral Ceremony scheduled for September 17, 2021 will be held online only.
Due to this change, the University will mail graduating students their free copies of the Certificate of Graduation and Transcripts of Academic Record (Japanese and English, two copies each). These certificates will be sent in the same envelope as your diploma.

Please visit the website below for degree conferral ceremony details and information concerning graduates’ diploma and free certificates.

◆Students who need additional copies of their certificate of graduation and/or transcript:

Follow the instructions below.
*Please note that there is a 300 yen fee for each certificate requested in addition to mailing costs.

①New Graduates: Email the “Transcript/Certificate Request Form (Additional)” and copy of an ID to verify your identity.
Email Address:shoumei@apu.ac.jp

②Pay via “e-apply” (external third-party website)
E-apply Payment Site: Select “certificates”→Former student (Regular)→Graduated/Completion of Studies→Select the total number of documents you need→Select your preferred delivery method
*Example: Request for 1 copy of a Certificate of Graduation and 1 copy of a Transcript of Academic Record sent by domestic mail: E-apply screen image

※Additional certificates will be mailed separately for students who request to receive them by post. Please note that any additional certificates will not be sent together with your diploma for those who did not attend the in-person graduation ceremony.

<Additional Certificate Request Period and Method of Receipt>

Application Deadlines Method of Receipt
Applications received by September 10 (Fri) *Receive at Graduation Ceremony: Pick-up at the graduation ceremony (Friday, Sept. 17)
*The Student Office will individually contact students who already applied for.
*Receive by mail: Certificates will be posted after the graduation ceremony (after Friday, Sept. 17). *Additional certificates will not be mailed in the same envelope as the diploma. (Mailed separately)
*Pick-up at Student Office counter: Certificates available for pick-up from Tuesday, Sept. 21.
*Applications received during Sept. 11 (Sat) ~Sept. 16 (Thurs) * Receive by mail: Certificates will be posted on Tuesday, September 21.
*Pick-up at Student Office counter: Certificates available for pick-up from Tuesday, Sept. 21.
*Applications received during Sept. 17 (Fri) ~ Sept. 20 (Mon) *Receive by mail/Pick-up at Student Office counter: Certificates will be sent/available for pick-up at the Student Office two business days from the date the application is received.

*Please apply for additional certificates via a survey if applying on or after September 21.

◆Changes to your diploma name

*Please consult with the Student Office via e-mail by August 31, 2021.
We will not be able to accommodate name change requests after this date.

Inquiries: apustu1@apu.ac.jp

■The Certificate Issuing Service (Convenience stores/Mail) will be temporarily suspended on April 1 and September 21 to update data.
* It will be possible to apply for certificates from the afternoon of September 23 once the Fall Semester begins.

■Certificate issuing service at convenience stores commenced from December 2020
APU’s certificate issuing service makes it possible for students (those with “regular enrolled student” or “study abroad” student status) to print APU certificates at convenience stores in Japan or receive them by mail. As of the present, students on a leave of absence and alumni are unable to print certificates at convenience stores. We plan to make this service available to a wider range of students in the future. *Details here.

■It is possible to issue your Transcript of Academic Record that shows your grades up to the last semester (not the most recent one) from the date grades are released up to the start of the next semester. Please be aware that your updated Transcript of Academic Record that has your grades from the most recent semester will not be able to be issued until the new semester begins.

■Information on Student Discount Certificates here.

■Students who are in their 9th semester or above must renew their student ID card every semester. You cannot use the Automatic Certificate Dispenser if your student ID card has expired.