1. Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies Doctoral Degree Program

Purposes of Education & Research・Diploma Policy・Curriculum Policy

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Purpose of Education & Research

The Doctoral Program in Asia Pacific Studies aims to cultivate advanced researchers and professionals who will contribute to the sustainable development of and coexistence in the Asia Pacific region and achieve an advanced capacity for pioneering new academic disciplines required for the development of the Asia Pacific region.


Degree Type Major Degree Awarded on Completion
Ph.D. Asia Pacific Studies (APS) Doctor of Philosophy in Asia Pacific Studies

Diploma Policy

To accomplish the educational objectives stipulated in the Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies Graduate School Regulations, the Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies, Doctoral Program in Asia Pacific Studies has defined graduation requirements as well as the following four learning outcomes to be achieved by the time of graduation.

Graduation Requirements
  • Students are required to enroll for the designated period and to complete 30 credits in accordance with the following course registration requirements.
  • Become a Doctoral Degree Candidate by completing 24 credits of required subjects for Doctoral Candidacy and by successfully passing the screening for Doctoral Candidacy.
  • Submit the Doctoral Dissertation and successfully pass the screening.
  • Detailed course registration requirements shall be stipulated in the Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies Graduate School Regulations.
Learning Outcomes
  • 1.

    Broad knowledge and understanding of the various issues facing the Asia Pacific region

  • 2.

    Advanced knowledge of discipline

  • 3.

    Ability to perform fundamental research

  • 4.

    Global perspectives

Curriculum Policy

① Curriculum Design Policy

Subject Placement

  • The curriculum is divided into Lecture Subjects, Seminar Subjects, Research and Presentation Subjects, Tutorials, and Optional Subjects, and is designed for three years.
  • Lecture Subjects are designed for mastering the skills needed by APU Graduate Students at the Doctoral level.
  • Seminar Subjects are designed for further deepening the research in their research field.
  • Research and Presentation Subjects are designed for producing a Doctoral Dissertation in their research field.
  • Tutorials are designed for acquiring and developing, through practice, skills for academic instruction at tertiary level.
  • Optional Subjects are designed for learning the Japanese language.
② Curriculum Implementation Policy

Subject Offerings

  • Subjects listed in the Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies Graduate School Regulations, with the exception of the Optional Subjects, are offered in English.
  • All subjects are offered in the semester, day and period which allow students to take full advantage of structured learning.

Subject Operation

  • All subjects are operated in compliance with the Standards for Establishment of Universities and the University Regulations. In addition, based on the methods applied in the subject, factors such as the educational outcomes and necessary studies outside of the class hours are also taken into account.
  • All subjects are aimed at achieving Multi-cultural Cooperative Learning by taking full advantage of APU’s multicultural environment and education, and encouraging interactive collaboration between International and Domestic students.
  • Instructors are required to comply with guidelines related to the subject operation including administration of Class Evaluation Surveys, response to Grade Inquiries, and holding Make-up Classes.

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