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  1. Chapter 2: Classes & Syllabus

4. Class Cancellations and Make-up Classes

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Information regarding class cancellations and make-up classes will be made available on Campus Terminal. Please be sure to confirm this information before class.
Class cancellations and make-up classes may occur in any subject.
Please do not to make other plans on the Make-up Days shown in advance in the Academic Calendar.

Class Cancellation

If an instructor does not appear after the class starts, please promptly inform the Academic Office.
A class will be cancelled if the instructor does not come to the classroom within 20 minutes after the start of class.

Procedures for classes during severe weather and / or suspension of public transportation

The handling of classes in cases when a storm warning or special warning regarding the weather is issued or in cases when public transportation is suspended due to the weather, classes will be held online, and if classes cannot be held online, make-up classes will be held at a later date.
The announcement of the switch to online classes will be made at the Campus Terminal by around 6.45am.

【How to log into ZOOM】
【How to check Meeting IDs】
  • When classes switch online, a timetable with Meeting IDs will be provided at the Campus Terminal.

Class Cancellation Information

Information regarding the cancellation of classes may be confirmed on Campus Terminal.
Campus Terminal may also be accessed by mobile phone.

Campus Terminal (PC): https://portal2.apu.ac.jp/campusp/top.do

Campus Terminal (Mobile): https://portal2.apu.ac.jp/campusp/sptop.do

Make-up Classes

As a rule, if a class is cancelled, a make-up class will be held. In principle, make-up classes will be held on the date designated by the university.
Make-up classes are usually held on Saturdays, and the dates can be confirmed in the Academic Calendar. In certain circumstances, make-up classes may be held before the actual cancelled class. If a class is cancelled, please follow the instructions of your professor and the notice on Campus Terminal. Make-up class timetables will be posted on Campus Terminal on the Tuesday prior to the make-up day.
As classrooms and class times for make-up classes may differ from regular classes, please be sure to check Campus Terminal.
If a make-up course overlaps in the same class period, please notify the instructor of the course you will be missing.


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