1. Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies Master's Degree Programs

IMAT Program

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Outline of the Program

IMAT Dual Degree program students spend their first year studying at APU and the second year at the Institute for Applied Material Flow Management (IfaS), University of Applied Sciences Trier, Germany. The program offers an integrated knowledge in engineering, economics, law, natural and social sciences. In addition to the learning goals of Sustainability Science Division, the program also offers knowledge on how to link economic development with environmental protection in the fields of energy, water, waste or other material streams, through the use of optimized technology management strategies.

At APU the IMAT Program belongs to the Sustainability Science Division. As such, completion requirements for the APU portion of the Program are the same as those for the Sustainability Science Division. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in an internship in Germany.

Due to the intense nature of this dual-degree program, students must participate for the full 2 years and a change in program length or transfer from another Division is not possible. IMAT students will submit to IfaS in Germany a Master’s Thesis. A concise summary of this Thesis is to be submitted to APU in the form of a Research Report. Further details regarding course content and Research Report requirements will be provided during the program guidance session.


Credit Requirements

APU Master’s Degree IMAT students must successfully fulfill the credit requirements for completion of the APU degree.
All subjects except for the Final Research Project (Master’s Thesis / Research Report) will be taken in the 1st and 2nd semesters of enrollment at APU and the Research Report will be submitted in your 4th semester.

Credit Conversion

Subjects taken in fulfillment of the requirements for completion of the APU Master’s degree which are approved by IfaS will be converted to IfaS credits and counted towards the completion requirements of the IfaS Degree. Please carefully read the information in the pdf file below for details.
Subject and Credit for the IMAT Program (extracted from the Agreement Annex)

Intensive Courses

While at APU IMAT students will also take IfaS-required subjects during the summer/winter session periods, before classes begin, or during the quarter breaks. Credits from these subjects will be counted as part of the credit requirements for completion of the IfaS degree and in some cases may also be counted towards completion of the APU Master’s degree.

Research Report

As a final graduation requirement, all IMAT students are required to submit a Research Report to APU in their final semester. (Submission before the 4th semester is not allowed.)

Students will choose their APU supervisors in their 1st semester of enrollment, then their IfaS supervisor in their 3rd semester enrollment. (Your IfaS Supervisor will help screen your final thesis/report so it is important to find one as soon as possible after going to Germany.)
The students will be under the daily supervision of their APU and IfaS supervisors. APU Supervisors will supervise students for Research Project I, II and jointly supervise students with the IfaS Supervisor for Final Research Project. APU Master’s Thesis/Research Report length requirements, etc. are noted in the Graduate Academic Handbook and on the Graduate School website.
Below is a flow outlining the submission, screening, and evaluation of the Master’s Thesis/Research Report for IMAT students.


Schedule Deadline*
Research Proposal submission June 30
(2nd semester of enrollment)
Reviewed by the APU supervisor and another APU faculty member August 5
(2nd semester of enrollment)
Research Proposal re-submission**
IfaS supervisors are reported to APU
January 15
(3rd semester of enrollment)
Progress Report submission April 10
(4th semester of enrollment)
Notification of Intent to Submit a Master’s Thesis / Research Report submission May 15
(4th semester of enrollment)
Master’s Thesis / Research Report submission June 15
(4th semester of enrollment)
Notification of the Examination Results
(Pass / Minor Revision / Major Revision / Fail)
July 5
(4th semester of enrollment)
Master’s Thesis / Research Report re-submission
(in case of Minor/Major Revision)
*Fail – can submit next semester
By July 25
(4th semester of enrollment)
Notification of Final Results August 5
(4th semester of enrollment)
  • *If the deadline falls on a weekend or a holiday, or a day when the office is closed, the deadline will move to the immediately preceding working day.
  • **Please use the designated application form below.

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