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Length of Study: Standard Enrollment and Accelerated Completion

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Length of Study

All graduate students must declare their intended length of study at APU upon enrollment to the University by submitting a Program Registration Form indicating their intent. Their tuition will be billed according to the predetermined payment schedule for each completion program length (see the Tuition Fees Page).

Program Standard Completion Accelerated Completion
GSAM 2 years 1.5 years 1 year
GSMM 2 years 1.5 years  
GSAD 3 years 2 years

Application requirements and deadlines for enrollment into the Accelerated Completion Programs differ depending on the graduate school and program. Please carefully check the application requirements for your program.
Students should carefully consider the tuition billing schedule and consult with their supervisor regarding seminar subjects prior to applying for any change in program length.

Accelerated Completion

Students who wish to complete their program in less than the standard completion time will be required to submit an application form that includes a research plan in addition to the Program Registration Form according the deadlines below. Reduction to the program length will no longer be possible once the below deadlines have passed.
Accelerated completion tuition fee schedule will apply. See the Tuition Fees Page for details.

Program Program Length Application Deadline Tuition
Spring Semester Fall Semester
GSAM* 1.5 or 2 years → 1 or 1.5 years By April 15 By October 5 Tuition payment schedule differs per program
GSMM 2 years → 1.5 years
GSAD** 3 years → 2 years      
  • *IMAT students cannot apply for accelerated completion.
  • **Limits to credits that may be registered for are based on the registered length of study.

Extension of Period of Enrollment (within the standard program length)

Students enrolled in the Accelerated Completion Programs who will not be able to complete all requirements within the planned program length, can extend their enrollment by submitting an extension application by the following deadlines.

Program Program Length Application Period Application Deadline Tuition
Spring Semester Fall Semester
GSAM 1 Year → 1.5 or 2 Years By the end of the 1st Semester By March 20 By September 15 Tuition payment schedule will be adjusted to the new program length
GSAM 1.5 Years → 2 Years By the end of the 2nd Semester
GSMM 1.5 Years → 2 Years By the end of the 2nd Semester
GSAD 2 Years → 2.5 or 3 Years By the end of the 4th Semester

Students may remain enrolled for the entire program length even without submission of an Extension Application; however, in this case the tuition payment schedule will not be altered and students will be billed according to the schedule registered upon enrollment to APU. After all program fees have been collected, tuition invoices will not be generated (within the standard completion program timeframe).

Extension of Length of Study Application form

Extension of Period of Enrollment (outside the standard program length)

If, due to some unavoidable circumstance, the student cannot complete all program requirements within the standard program length, it may be possible to extend enrollment up to twice the length of the program. In this case a Master’s student may extend up to 2 years (4 semesters) for a total enrollment period of 4 years (8 semesters). Doctoral students may extend up to 3 years (6 semesters) for a total enrollment period of 6 years (12 semesters).


  • 1. Those who must extend beyond the standard program length should carefully consider any extra procedures required for student visas, semester tuition, etc., review carefully the Tuition Fees Page and consult with seminar supervisors, the Academic Office and the Student Office.
  • 2. GSAD students unable to complete their program within 3 years should carefully read the information in the relevant webpage of the Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies – Doctoral Program section regarding options available to them.

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