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How to Request Certificates / Transcripts

Transcripts and other certificates can be purchased from automatic certificate dispensers as well as the Student Office. Certificates can be issued in Japanese or English.

There is a service charge for certificates (not including student discount certificates).


■All new graduates will be sent, free-of-charge, two copies of their Transcript of Academic Record and Certificate of Graduation/Completion in both Japanese and English (total of 8 documents). The University typically only provides one copy in each language to graduates. For September 2020, however, the University has decided to specially increase the number of copies for students scheduled to graduate this fall.
These documents will be sent together with your diploma. If you need additional copies, please refer to the “How to Request Certificates / Transcripts” section below and submit your application to the Student Office. Please be aware that any additional certificates requested will be sent separately to your diploma.

Additional Certificates will be mailed out (in order) Starting Friday, September 18

Please refer to following website for information concerning the receipt of your diploma via post.
APU Graduation Ceremony

■Your name will be printed on your diploma as shown in the University’s student records.
If you need any corrections in regards to your name, please apply via the Student Office by 16:30 on Monday, August 31. We are unable to accommodate any requests sent after this time.

For Regular Enrolled Students
In principle, students will not be able to apply in-person for certificates at the Student Office counter during 2020 fall semester.
Regular enrolled students who need to apply for a certificate are encouraged to apply by post or email. Please refer to "How to Request Certificates/Transcripts" below for instructions on how to apply for certificates by post or email.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Please refer here for information on student discount certificates.

■It is possible to issue your Transcript of Academic Record that shows your grades up to the last semester (not the most recent one) from the date grades are released up to the start of the next semester. Please be aware that your updated Transcript of Academic Record that has your grades from the most recent semester will not be able to be issued until the new semester begins.

*Academic Transcripts that also reflect your grades from the AY 2020 Spring Semester can only be issued from September 23rd

■Students who are in their 9th semester or above must renew their student ID card every semester. If your student ID card is expired, you cannot use the Automatic Certificate Dispenser.

How to Request Certificates / Transcripts

Types of Certificates Available

Cerfiticate Current Students Former Students
Regular Non-regular Regular Non-regular
Ritsumeikan Others Grad/Comp
Certificate of Enrollment A

Certificate of Registration

Transcript of Academic Record A B B B B B B
Certificate of Prospective Graduation/Completion A

Certificates (for non-regular students)


Certificate of Graduation/Completion


Certificate (for period of enrollment)

Special Request Certificate B B B B B B B
Health Certificate A

Student Discount Certificate(maximum 10 per year) A


  1. Certificates can be issued by an Automatic Certificate Dispenser or at the Student Office.
  2. Certificates can only be issued at the Student Office.
  1. Students on a short-term exchange program
  2. Leave of absence
  3. Graduation and completion of studies
  4. Withdrawals

In addition, please note:

  • Transcripts of Academic Records contain grades until the previous semester.
  • Certificate of Prospective Graduation/Completion shall only be issued to students who meet applicable requirements.
  • Special Request Certificates includes certificates such as those for use at other organizations or payment of tuition fees certificates. Check with the Student Office before applying for a special request certificate to ensure the certificate can be issued.
  • Ritsumeikan University students on short-term exchange programs will be issued Student Discount Certificates authorized by Ritsumeikan University.

Surcharges and Postal Charges

  1. Surcharges(excluding Student Discount Certificates):Current students: 200 yen per copy; non-regular students (students who have graduated): 300 yen per copy.
  2. Domestic postal charges : 370 yen (use Letter Pack 370).
    *It will be delivered to your post box, via unregistered mail.
  3. International postal charges : EMS and other services are available. Inquire in advance.
    * Postage for items sent via EMS are as follows: Asia: 1,400 yen; North America: 2,000 yen; Europe: 2,200 yen.

Certificate Issue Times

Certificates are issued or posted two business days (excluding weekends and holidays) after an application has been received and any applicable surcharges have been paid. Certificates cannot be issued on the same day. Depending on the type of certificate, additional time may be required.

Important Notes

  1. Applications for certificates are accepted by post, or email.Applications by telephone are not accepted.
  2. All unclaimed certificates will be destroyed 3 months after issuance. Any surcharges already paid will not be refunded.
  3. Certificates cannot be issued during the last 1-2 weeks of each semester while the student information system is being updated.
  4. Students will be informed of certificate issue stoppages on Campus Terminal. Student Discount Certificates may be collected from the Student Office.

Applying in Person at the Student Office

Please fill out a Transcript/Certificate Request Form the Student Office (Building A, 1F) and pay any necessarysurcharges. When applying, present your student ID card (the student ID card for students on a leave of absence or students who have already graduated is not valid, so please present a different form of ID). See the section "When applying by proxy" below if you are asking someone to apply for the certificate(s) for you.

To pay the surcharges, purchase a Certificate Stamp from an Automatic Certificate Dispenser (To pay the surcharges, purchase a Certificate Stamp from an Automatic Certificate Dispenser using your student ID card or a traffic IC card charged with electronic money.). If you would like certificates mailed to you, please include the extra surcharges when purchasing the certificate stamp.

Applying by Post or Email

Please send items A through C to the Student Office at the following address. Incomplete applications cannot be accepted.

Certificates Department, Student Office
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
1-1 Jumonjibaru, Beppu, Oita, 874-8577, Japan

  1. Request form(s).Download request forms

    1. Student ID number (if not known, the date of admission and date of graduation/completion of studies and your college will be sufficient).
    2. Full name (as written on your student ID card) together with the Japanese phonetics (furigana).
      * In general, certificates will be issued with the name used by students during their enrollment.
      * If your family name has changed, provide both your old and new names.
    3. Date of birth.
    4. Current address.
    5. Contact information (telephone number and email address).
    6. Address or addresses where you want to have the certificates sent (if having certificates sent by post).
    7. Reasons for applying for the certificates and where they will be submitted.
    8. The required types of certificates, number, and language (Japanese or English).
    9. Total payment for certificates and postage (if you wish to have them posted to you).
    10. Any additional information or requests.
      (Examples: Enclose each set of one graduation certificate and one transcript in a sealed, stamped envelope; package transcripts separately in sealed, stamped envelopes.)
    11. Attach item B (below).
  2. In order to prove the identity of the applicant, include a photocopy (A5 or A4 size) of the applicant's valid student ID or other valid photo ID. Applicants who are not current students will not be able to use their APU student ID card because it is not valid. In this case, please use another valid photo ID such as a driver's license or passport.

    • Copies will be properly disposed of after the identity of the applicant has been confirmed.
    • International students should submit a form of ID that shows their name written using the alphabet (such as a passport). Forms of ID that only use characters will not be accepted.
  3. Surcharges and postal charges(if requesting certificates be mailed).

    Payment can be made using one of the two following methods. Cash is not accepted.

    Paying at a Convenient Store

    You may make payments at a convenient store by using the external third-party payment website, Disco Inc. After processing the payment application through the Disco Inc. website, please pay at a convenient store. Note that payments made at a convenient store will incur a 500 yen transaction fee.

    You will receive a confirmation email with the subject title “[Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University - payment] Notice of Completion of Payment” after your payment transaction is comfirmed. Please include a printed copy of this email or the payment number together with your application.

    Paying by Credit Card

    Please refer to the example of how to use the selection menu. All payments made by credit card need to be processed through the external third-party payment website, Disco Inc. Please note that payments made by credit card will incur a 500 yen transaction fee.

    You will receive a confirmation email with the subject title “[Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University - payment] Notice of Completion of Payment” after your payment transaction is completed. Please include a printed copy of this email with your application.

Applying by Proxy

The following three documents are required when applying and collecting certificates by proxy (including persons with parental authority and/or financial sponsors). Applications for certificates will not be accepted if all three documents are not provided.

  1. Request form(s). Download request forms
  2. Letter of proxy (dated with applicant's signature).
  3. A photocopy of the applicant's valid student ID card or other valid photo ID. (If you are not a current student, your APU student ID card is invalid and will not be accepted. Please attach a copy of your passport or other photo ID.)
  4. A photocopy of a photo ID of the proxy. If applying in person at the Student Office, present the original ID.

Using the Automatic Certificate Dispenser

Only current students not on a leave of absence may use the automatic certificate dispensers. A student ID card charged with electronic money is required to use the dispensers. Graduates are not able to use the automatic certificate dispensers.

Locations and Operating Hours

  1. Building A, 1st floor (Monday-Friday, 08:45 - 18:00)
  2. APU Library (during opening hours)
  3. Tokyo Campus (Monday-Friday, 09:00 - 17:30)
  4. Osaka Umeda Campus (Monday-Friday, 09:30 - 17:00)
  5. Ritsumeikan University (Operating hours vary by location.)

For Additional Information

Certificates Department, Student Office
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
Email : shoumei@apu.ac.jp
(Include your student ID number and name in the subject of your email.)