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At APU, we offer co-curricular courses to help students planning and choosing their career (Career Design I-Ⅲ), and to improve their Japanese skills indispensable for finding a job in Japan (Career Japanese I-Ⅱ).

List of courses available

Career Design

Career Design I Self-analysis for Career Design

Outline: 1st year.
With a focus on designing a unique and individual lifestyle, students work towards planning a life plan and consider how they intend to express themselves through their chosen career. This course teaches students how to gain a greater understanding and a wider perspective of themselves including their interests, values, personality, strengths and feeling towards change, and how to reflect this understanding in their future career and lifestyle.

Career Design Ⅱ Diverse Perspectives on Understanding Careers

Outline: 2nd year.
By exploring the concept of life-career, students learn the skills they need to pursue, rewarding career choices and a meaningful way of life. This course also aims to help students gaining a deeper understanding of themselves, intended career/job and their psychology.

Career Design Ⅲ Career Field Analysis for Career Development

Outline: 3rd year.
Listening to different lecturers in every session, students are expected to be able to learn about corporation from various perspectives. Students will also learn to analyze a company not by its name/brand but by the job contents, potential and competency leading to a right decision for their career, as well as to gain deeper understanding on a particular industry and corporation.

Career Japanese

Career Japanese

In this course, students can learn about writing their self-promotion, statement of purpose, and business emails during job hunting; Japanese corporate culture; and how Japanese people work. Students will also develop thinking skills to form a career plan and the speaking skills required for company interviews.

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