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What does 'international cooperation' mean to you?

Working in international organizations is not the only form of 'international cooperation.' At APU, we have many alumni engaged in international cooperation in various ways, not limited to international organizations. What does 'international cooperation' mean to all of you? Go find hints for career that suits you during your student life at APU.

You can find some tips through sempais involved in international cooperation as below.




APS Graduated in 2012

My Starting Point: Friends I Met at APU and Indonesian Dance

Being involved in urban railroad design and planning in Jakarta, I see the rapid development in Indonesia and it gives me hope for the future. International cooperation is about mutual understanding of thoughts and feelings, which requires a foundation of trust built over time. My starting point was APU, with the friends I met and experiencing Indonesian dance. For those of you aspiring to work in international cooperation, please take advantage of the environment at APU. Meet people from different countries, develop a diverse range of values, and build your own unique starting point that will be useful in your work. Although it’s modest work at JICA, because of my starting point, I feel a connection to Indonesia that helps energize my work.

First starting point for internship and international cooperation at a microfinance institution in India through an APU friend.
Joined the Bank of Japan as a new graduate
Get married
Transferred to the Oita Branch of the Bank of Japan, where he met Mr. Tsuboi, the father of African NERICA rice, and his desire to go into the international cooperation field grew stronger.
After discussing his career change with ex President Deguchi at a drinking party, I made up my mind.
Joined JICA
After 3 years working in African development, I moved to Indonesia with my family


NGO (enpact)


APS Graduated in 2013

International affairs careers are not limited to international organizations.

My organization is an international NGO that empowers entrepreneurship. In international NGO, you can work closely with governments and international development cooperation agencies, building bridges between multiple stakeholders while contributing to creating impacts for SMEs and women entrepreneurs.
In my case, I worked with the government of Jakarta, the Berlin Senate, and Ministries from many countries in Asia. My mission includes designing and implementing capacity-building programs that support SMEs and women entrepreneurs in emerging economies to access the international market and receive direct funding for their businesses.

I wanted to focus on international relations as my major because I had a dream to be a “Diplomat” and travel around the world. I was very good in English and decided to add another language to my skill set: Japanese.
During 2nd Year (2010 Summer) of APU, I focused on internships in IR:
Embassy of Afghanistan to Japan and Saga Prefecture International Relations Association.
In 2012, I had some thoughts on pursuing Master’s degree in the future, and realized that writing bachelor thesis would be one of important criteria. At that time, I was very interested in the topic of “Identity Politics” and “Peace Studies”
I received several job offers, and, in 2013, began my professional experience at Mitsubishi Motors Corporation in Tokyo, Japan. I realized that I was bridging my country (Indonesia) to Japan in economic cooperation and automotive business.
During 3rd year, I decided to conduct job hunting in Japan with objectives: 1) to improve my Japanese language skills in real world 2) to develop professional skills in manufacturing industry and be my a “diplomat” or country representative 3) to save money for my Master
I worked to complete my thesis about “Islam, Nationalism, and Peace: Case Study of Aceh Indonesia.” Fortunately I received Outstanding Quality of Undergraduate Thesis.
I did become a “diplomat” for MMC, building relationships with different government agencies and Ministries in Indonesia. I supported the investment project & establishment of manufacturing factory in Indonesia which created 3,000 jobs. Additionally, in 2017, I moved to different department Country Coordinator for Switzerland & Greece and Global Event Coordinator for Geneva International
Motor Show at MMC.
While working full time at MMC, I still have part of me thinking about my Master, and contributing to social impact. In 2016, I started volunteering work with Refugee Empowerment International, helping with fundraising and events organization. I also started preparing my Master’s application. In 2019, after receiving several offers from different universities, I decided to move to Germany to pursue Master’s degree in International Affairs
While on the 2nd year of my Master, I started my position at enpact as Project Coordinator, planning and implementing Smart City project between Jakarta Government and Berlin Senate. Now, i am a Project Manager, working on different projects in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Eastern Europe.

Connect with APU alumni, faculty, and current students engaged in international cooperation on LinkedIn. @APU International Affairs Network

Let's strengthen connections with APU graduates and faculties who have been active in the field of international cooperation, as well as current students who share similar aspirations.

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International Organizations in Career Handbook

International Organizations in Career Handbook


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