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Usage of the Individual Counselling System

Please reserve consultations through the APU Employment Support Web System (Caritas UC).
<See here for the reservation manual (JP/EN)>

1. Preferred Date and Time

Time slots for counseling have been set as follows. Please choose the most appropriate time for you.

(1)10:00-10:30 (2)10:45-11:15 (3)11:30-12:00
(4)12:45-13:15 (5)13:30-14:00 (6)14:15-14:45
(7)15:00-15:30 (8)16:00-16:30

You may only reserve one consultation at a time. If you wish to reserve a second session, you may do so after the one you previously booked is over.

  • * Time slots (1) – (8) are for Mondays to Fridays (except on Tuesdays), and (3) – (8) are for Tuesdays.
  • * The Student Office is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

2. Format of the Consultations

When booking, you may choose between in-person or online consultations (Phone consultation is also available at Tokyo Campus).

Regarding cancellations:

  • If you wish to cancel your consultation booking, you may cancel via the platform if it is until 23:59(15:00 for Tokyo Campus) the day before the consultation date. You cannot cancel through the platform on the day of consultation, hence, please call the Student Office (0977-78-1128) as soon as possible.
  • We may not be able to accept your reservation if you cancel the session without any prior notice.
  • If you have an online consultation, please prepare and check your internet connection in advance. Should you have a difficulty connecting after 5 minutes, please call the Student Office.

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