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Change of Status of Residence

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Status of Residence to a "Working Visa"

International Students who have received a job offer to work in Japan after graduation are required, by law, to change their status of residence from a 'college student' visa to a 'working visa'. Please read through the following documents carefully.

(Held on December 11, 2023)


Please note that the Career Office cannot apply for your visa status to be changed on behalf of students. Each Student is responsible to contact the company where they will be employed to obtain the necessary documents.

Fukuoka Regional Immigration Bureau, Oita Branch Office

  • Address: 1st floor, Oita Homu Sogo Chosha, 7-5 Niage-machi, Oita City (Access Map
  • TEL: 097-536-5006

Status of Residence for the Purpose of Job Hunting after Graduation

There is a system in place making it possible for international students to apply to the Immigration Bureau for a change in visa status to stay in Japan after graduation for the purpose of job hunting. APU students wanting to apply for a change in visa status for this purpose must first be issued a 'Recommendation Letter' by the university. In order for APU to issue this letter the student must meet the criteria set down in the below file. Please read through the following document carefully.

(Updated December 2023)

Required Documents for 'Recommendation Letter' Application

Please read all information on the document above carefully before you submit your application to the Career Office.

  • 1. Written Oath for the Recommendation Letter Application Form (PDF) *Handwritten and stamped with personal seal.
  • 2. General information
  • 3. General statement regarding your job hunting in Japan
  • 4.
    Statement regarding your current job hunting situation *Please attach both a) and b) as evidence.
    • a. Copies of e-mails/ correspondence from companies
    • b. Copies of submitted Entry Sheets and/or rirekisho
  • 5.
    Detailed job hunting plan for immediate future
  • 6.
    Transcript of Academic Records
    • * Click here for more details
  • 7.
    Certificate of Prospective Graduation
    • * Click here for more details
  • 8. Copy (or copies) of your bankbook that shows the account balance and the account name


  • 1. Students must apply for their change in status of residence in person at the Immigration Bureau. The issuance by the university of a 'Recommendation Letter' DOES NOT automatically lead to the applicant being granted a 'designated activity visa' status of residence by the Immigration Bureau. For details, please refer to the Ministry of Justice website. (Japanese only)
  • 2. Application for a change in visa status to 'temporary stay' must be made to the Immigration Bureau before the current 'college student' visa expires.
  • 3. The university will issue one letter per student only. Students who receive a 'Recommendation Letter' from the university, and who are successfully granted a 'temporary stay' status of residence by the Immigration Bureau, must report any job offers to the Career Office as soon as possible.

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