1. Internship Guide

Contract-type Internships

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Some companies and organizations have exchanged memorandums of understanding with APU and offer our students internship placements through these agreements. Students who wish to take part in this program can apply through the university. List of the host institutions will be disclosed during the internship orientation and published on Campus Terminal or on Career Office's website. Since each institution has its own requirements, make sure you check thoroughly before applying. Meanwhile, internships that have met certain criteria are also eligible for course credits.

How to Look for a Contract-type Internship Program

Information on the Contract-type Internships will be announced in the Internship Guidance sessions and on Campus Terminal. For further details, please check the following document. In addition, you may see details of internship opportunities of each host institution on Host Institution List webpage written below.

Host Institution List (to be updated as neccesary and/or accordingly)

Required Documents

When applying

NB: Certain organizations or companies may require other documents, please check the Internship Information posted on the above website.

Where to Submit:
Please access the URL on each company’s internship details page and upload the documents from there.

After completion of the internship
For GAIA Internship

Granting of credits

APU offers "Internships" as a regular course. Registration for internship courses is based on individual student applications. In addition to the internship training, grades are given based on pre-classes and post-classes and reports.

If you wish to register for a course, you must submit all required documents as specified by the Career Office by the designated submission deadline and attend the pre- and post-class sessions (includes attending pre-course classes for some designated internships on-demand) and a few other requirements. Please thoroughly read the "Internship Handbook" and be sure to check the "Course Registration" video before submitting the "Course Registration Application Form".


※All students who wish to register for courses must watch the video.
※Attend classes in the language according to the language of the internship.
“Course Registration” (Japanese / English)※Time required 15-20 minutes.

Business Manner Seminar *Mandatory for all students

Please attend one of the following sessions:
  • January 15 (Mon) 6th Period (J/E)
  • January 16 (Tue) 6th Period (J/E)

Class Schedule

Please check the following link.
Internship: Pre- and Post-Class Schedule

Absence from Classes / Internship due to Sickness or Bereavement (Only for students who submitted the course registration Form).

If the final internship hours do not meet the minimum internship hours (40 hours) due to illness or bereavement, only if you meet the application requirements listed in Academic Office Website, please submit (1) the required official certificates as listed on the same page in PDF format and (2) “Report of Absence” via email.

< Submission Details >
  • Submission format: Report of Absence
  • Email submission to: Academic Office, Contract-type Internship (atfs@apu.ac.jp)
  • Submission deadline: Within 3 business days after the end of the missed class or internship. (No applications will be accepted after the deadline.)

Internship Insurance

Internships Eligible for Course Credits

Students who participate in an internship for credit are required to enroll in the insurance and risk management support system specified by the university.
Please be sure to complete your insurance enrollment prior to your internship. Students who are participating in regular internship courses will be informed of insurance coverage by the office.

Types of insurance coverage:
(In principle, students who are doing their internship online are not required to purchase insurance.)

  • Domestic Internship
    1. Internship / teaching qualification activity liability insurance (AKA Intern Insurance)
  • Overseas Internships
    1. Internship / teaching qualification activity liability insurance (AKA Intern Insurance)
    2. Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. Overseas Travel Insurance
    3. Emergency Management Support (Japan IR & C)

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