1. Job Hunting Guide

Jobs in Oita

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APU was established with great support from Oita Prefecture and Beppu City. So, we hope that APU students will continue to be active in Oita even after graduation.

For those who are hoping to work in Oita Prefecture, there are various support organizations available. These organizations can offer information and detailed support that you may not be able to receive through the Career Office. We will introduce these organizations below, so please feel free to make use of them. International students can also consult with these organizations. So please try your best and contact them in Japanese.

【Job Cafe Oita: Beppu Satellite Office】 Tel 0977-27-5988


-You can try consulting with them in these types of situations-

  • “I’m not sure what kind of work would suit me well”
    There is a computer-based test you can take that asks about your interests and priorities and matches them with various job types. These results can give you an idea of possible career paths to pursue.
  • “I’m not sure how to write an entry sheet or rirekisho”
    You can receive detailed advice on how to write them based on the companies you are applying to.
  • “I can’t communicate my strengths well,” “I’m not confident in my interview skills”
    You can receive help in the form of mock interviews and advice on how to communicate your strengths.

【Hello Work Beppu】 Tel 0977-23-8609

*Students can also use Hello Work services!

-You can try consulting with them in these types of situations-

*Many international students have used Hello Work and found jobs at tourism companies in Oita Prefecture!

【Other Useful Resources for Jobs in Oita】

Oita Regional Cooperation Platform

University Consortium Oita (for international students)


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