1. Internship Guide

About Internships

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An internship is a fixed period of work experience with a company or organization that a student will undertake during his/her course of study at college, often linked to his/her major and/or future career plans. Internships give students a chance to further their understanding about the industries and organizations that interest them as well as answering several questions, such as 'I wonder what working life is like?', 'How can I apply what I have learned at university in the workplace?' and 'Is this the job for me?'. Internships can really make a difference when it comes to shaping the future vision of a student.

Different Types and Durations of Internships

Japanese internships usually take place during the summer and spring sessions and are known as 'Summer Internships' and 'Spring Internships'. In terms of duration, most placements last one or two weeks.

At APU, internships are divided into two types, 'Independently-arranged type Internship' where students search, apply for and arrange the internship by themselves, and 'Contract-type Internship' where the host institution and APU have signed an internship agreement.
Additionally, “Business Internship” is available for students who belong to the College of International Management (APM) in which they are given opportunities to practice the knowledge they have acquired of business administration.
Before applying, please think carefully which type of internship is the most adequate for you depending on the purpose.


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