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Internship Recommendation Letter

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If you wish to apply for internships offered at public institutions or overseas, you might be requested to submit a “Recommendation Letter” from APU. If you are currently attending a research seminar, your professor should be the first person you make a request to for your recommendation letter. If you are not currently attending any research seminar, you can apply for a recommendation letter from the Career Office through the following procedures. Please make sure you apply well in advance (as a general rule, 1 week before the date you need to submit the letter to your host institution) if you will make a request through the Career Office.

(1) Submission of Required documents
(submit to the Career Office front desk or via career2@apu.ac.jp)
  1. Application Form for “Internship Recommendation Letter”
  2. General outline of the host institution (such as information from their website, etc.)
  3. Transcript of Academic Record (most recent) * copy accepted
  4. Letter of Intent (if you write in English: 500 words or above; if you write in Japanese: 1000 words or above)
  5. Copy of the internship insurance policy * copy accepted (once your internship is confirmed)

* For more information regarding insurance, refer to this webpage.

(2) Interview with Career Office staff

Once you submit the required documents, a staff member from the Career Office will contact you to schedule an online interview.
The Career Office will determine whether we issue you the letter based on the submitted documents and how well you perform during your interview.

(3) Pick up your “Recommendation Letter”

After you are informed of the Letter’s issuance, make sure to pick it up at the office front desk from 2 business days later.

(4) Inform the Career Office about your internship

Please inform the Career Office of the selection results of your internship.
If you are selected, you are requested to submit the “Internship Notification Form” prior to the actual start of your internship. Once you have completed your internship assignment, you are requested to submit the “Internship Report”.
For more details, click here.


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