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APU Resume Format (downloadable version)

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APU Resume Format (downloadable version)

1) APU designated typable form rirekisho(A4 sized x 2)

Click here to learn how to write a rirekisho

Download and save this PDF file on your computer before using it.

* We recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader, a PDF reader, to edit and print the typable form of rirekisho. If you were to use another software or choose to edit on the Internet browser without downloading, you may encounter some issues: for example, not being able to fill it out or characters are not printed leading it to be a blank form, among others. Before submitting your rirekisho, please make sure that your device is fully equipped to allow you to edit and print PDF files without problem.

You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader from the below link, if applicable, and it is free of charge.

How to submit an APU designated form rirekisho

2) APU designated handwritten form rirekisho(A3 sized)

Download and save this PDF file on your computer before using it.

Required Documents for OCR

The OCR application procedure and required documents may vary depending on the company you apply. All the details are included in the recruitment announcements, so please make sure to check thoroughly before applying.


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