1. Job Hunting Guide

Career Building for Students With Disabilities

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The employment quota system established by the Act on Employment Promotion of Persons with Disabilities requires private companies (with regular employee populations of 43.5 and above) to maintain a proportion of at least 2.3% of disabled persons in their overall employee population; for public sector employers, the proportion must be at least 2.6%.

To effectively hunt for jobs, it is necessary first and foremost to obtain relevant and useful job hunting information. If you have a physical or other kind of disability, and feel anxious about job hunting, please do not hesitate to consult with the Career Office.

1. Issuance of an identification booklet for Persons with Disabilities (public certificate)

The following is an outline of the application procedure for issuance of the booklet. Since it takes some time for the booklet to be issued, early application is recommended.
Receive necessary forms for application at the municipal welfare office in your residential area in Japan.

  • (1)Visit a certified doctor and ask him/her to prepare a document for the identification booklet for Persons with Disabilities.
  • (2)Fill out and submit an issuance application at the welfare office, together with the document prepared by the doctor.
  • (3)After an investigation, the booklet is issued if the application case is found to meet the criteria.

2. Specific process of job hunting

Career Office provides open job posting information and specific advice on interviews for students with disabilities.
Moreover, sample copies of Sana (http://www.web-sana.com/) and Clover (http://www.clover-navi.com/), job hunting information magazines the disabled individuals, are available to read in the office.
You can also consult with expert staff and counselors at public student vocational centers operating in major cities in Japan. These staff and counselors will provide you with relevant job information and vocational consultation.

3. Job hunting information for students with disabilities (The following websites are only in Japanese.)

(1) Web Sana: provides job vacancy information for those seeking/changing jobs
(2) Clover Navi
(3) at GP

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