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Internship Programs

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The internship support at APU is one example of our university's efforts to foster human potential in collaboration with the industry, government and local community. Through internships, students are able to put into practice what they have studied, to raise occupational awareness as well as to receive academic credits, especially for internships that meet the criteria and requirements. Moreover, they are also a perfect opportunity for company personnel to directly see the potential of our students.

Every year, there is a huge number of students taking part in internship either the contract-type (*1) or the independently-arranged type (*2) both held in Japan and overseas. Half of the total number of interns is international students.

We will strive to continue giving our students the information they need regarding the Contract Internship and the Independently-arranged Internship, and respond to requests from companies and organizations as best as we can. We also sincerely appreciate your consideration and efforts in creating a fruitful internship program for our students.

  • *1 Contract Internship: Tenure and contents have been determined between the host institution and APU.
  • *2 Independently-arranged Internship: Students independently search and apply for the internship.

At APU, we distribute information to students through Caritas UC. For independently-arranged type internships, we kindly request consideration for posting on Caritas UC.
*We generally do not conduct promotional activities such as event hosting or flyer distribution based on each company's request.

For any inquiries about the contract-type internships, please contact us by clicking the following link.


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