1. Job Hunting Guide

When you have determined your career path

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Confirmed Career Path Registration<Mandatory>

Universities must report students' post-graduation plans to the Ministry of Education. All students, regardless of their future paths like returning home, job hunting, taking over family businesses, staying in current positions, or preparing for further education, must report their plans to their university.

Registration is required for those using the system for the first time.
Please register here.

Activities Report<Seeking Your Experiences>

This is a record of your activities such as your job-hunting activities, an independently-arranged internship, or your experience of applying for a graduate school. This experience will be used as a reference by your junior. Your personal information will not be disclosed, and those who registered by the deadline will get a ¥500 Amazon gift card.
*The gift card will be given once per person.

【Submission Deadline】

For those who submit by the deadline, we will provide a 500 yen Amazon gift card. Submissions received after the deadline, unfortunately, will only be accepted without payment. Please note that this card can only be used on Amazon.co.jp. *Even if multiple submissions are made, only one 500 yen gift card will be provided per person.

Students scheduling to graduate in Sep.:By Aug.,the month before graduation.
Students scheduling to graduate in Mar.:By Jan.,the month before graduation.

【Notes on registering activity reports】

  • The content should provide details of the screening process
  • No personal information should be included (information on accepting OBOG visits is also not acceptable)
  • No defamatory or slanderous content, or other information that is undesirable to disclose.
  • Need to contain a total of at least 800 characters in Japanese, or 250 words in English (a minimum requirement to get a gift card)

Share Your Job Hunting and Open Application Internship Experiences

Share Your Graduate School Application Experiences

Please fill in the form and send it via email to Student Office with (1)your student ID number, (2)your name&(3)your apu email address.

Graduate School Application Records Format (Japanese)
Graduate School Application Records Format (English)
To: career2@apu.ac.jp

How to Turn Down a Job Offer

In the situation where you need to turn down a job offer, the most sincere and professional approach is to offer a personal apology to the HR manager. However, sometimes due to time and geographical constraints, it is not always possible to do this, so please start with a phone call to the relevant person, expressing your decision to turn down their offer, then follow up with a letter of apology. Please refer to the "Receiving a Job Offer" section of the Career Handbook for advice on how to write a letter of apology or make a call for turning down a job offer.

Career Handbook


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