【Important】As of August 1st, the Employment Support System Will be Replaced

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We are planning to replace some of the career support features on Campusmate with a new system, the APU Employment Support Web System(Caritas UC).
This is an important change that will affect the usage of the Career Office, so please review the details below.

Please note, Campusmate will still be used for completing the Job Offer and Career Path Registration until the end of March 2024. Please be mindful of this.

<Planned Release Date for New System>
August 1, 2023 (Tue)
*Date subject to change pending system progress.

<What you can do using the APU Employment Support Web System (Caritas UC)>
・Book a consultation
・Complete Desired Employment and Career Path Registration
・Find job hunting records
・Search for internship or job information, complete Web entries, etc.

<Functions on Campusmate that will still be used> * Until the end of March 2024
・Job Offer and Career Path Registration


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