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In addition to providing job placement information, APU Career Office offers career support and services as well as the Career Development Programs aiming at students in their lower years.


At the Intersection of Business and Sustainability: APU X JETRO Seminar and Social Event

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A Message from the Career Office to All New Students

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Message from Career Office

All APU students possess the power to change the world, and in the future, we expect them to contribute to society in their own unique ways wherever they may be. The Career Office is here to lend them a helping hand to do that.

Although APU was only established in 2000, we already have alumni with successful careers in a wide range of fields all around the globe. The Career Office helps our students realize their dreams. Our students pursue a diverse array of career paths, including working for companies, international organizations, and government agencies, advancing to graduate school, and starting their own businesses. No matter what path you want to choose, feel free to ask the Career Office for assistance. Graduate School students are also more than welcome.

Companies and organizations that want to hire our students are also welcome to contact the Career Office.

Some students don’t start thinking about their post-graduation career paths until they are about to graduate or after they have left university. But if you are serious about achieving your dreams and aspirations, we recommend that you start preparing as early as possible. It’s never too early to start, even if you are still a first or second-year student. We recommend that you participate in an internship in your first or second year. If you want to work for an international organization, you will often need to earn a master’s degree or higher. If you plan to go to graduate school, you will have to decide on your specialization and find faculty members who can supervise you in that field. Therefore, you should take seminar classes. If you are thinking about starting your own business, not only will you need to acquire the necessary knowledge, you will also need to engage in networking. Furthermore, if you wish to find a job, it is critical that you research industries and fields to find a company where you will fit in. The job-hunting process varies from country to country and depends on other factors, so you will need to confirm what you need to do according to your desired career path. Note that, typically, you will start your job search between the spring and summer of the year before you graduate, especially if you plan to work for a Japanese company.

When preparing for the job search, it is important to make sure that you have a solid goal in mind and lead a fulfilling student life, regardless of what career you decide to pursue. Whether you are going to work for a company, advance to graduate school, or start a business, you will be asked what you experienced and what you learned as a university student. To lead a fulfilling student life, you should attend Career Office seminars and information sessions and think carefully about your future while in your first and second years.

The menu on the top of this page contains the following options: Career Events and Education, Job Hunting Guide, Internship Guide, and Future Employers]. Click the items you want to learn more about.

Career Events and Education

  • On-campus recruiting (OCR) is where companies and organizations visit the APU campus to meet, and even, interview students.
  • In the guidance seminar, you can watch videos of past seminars and information sessions and learn about upcoming events.

Information is also available from the Ritsumeikan University Division of Career Services.

Job Hunting Guide

  • The Career Handbook is packed with information that aims to help APU students pursue a variety of career paths (including advancement to graduate school, working for international organizations, and becoming a public servant).
  • The Highered Global Career Platform provides access to a wide range of information on internships and employment opportunities outside of Japan.
  • The individual career consultation menu describes how to make use of the individual career consultations.

You can also check here to learn how to contact alumni, read testimonials from older students who have already gone through the job-hunting process, get information on employment opportunities for students with disabilities, and create an online resume.

Internship Guide

Check here for more information on internships.

To Future Employers

Companies, organizations, and other institutions interested in hiring APU students should check this menu. You can also submit online job openings here.

We encourage all students to take advantage of the Career Office’s resources to help you shape your future.

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