1. Career Events & Lectures

On Campus Recruiting

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As one of the main pillars of its job placement activities, APU invites human resources personnel from companies to host explanatory meetings, written examinations and interviews with APU students.

The Merits of On Campus Recruiting for APU Students

  • Students can make direct contact with companies on campus and gain information about ongoing projects, job tasks, etc.
  • Students have a great chance to communicate with people that work at and represent certain companies, using opportunities such as a question-and-answer session.

Notification and Applications for On Campus Recruiting

Information about participating companies/organizations and date, etc., will be published on the On-Campus Recruiting Registration Platform. Other details, such as potential applicants, time, content and location, will be posted on the Platform as well. In case you are required to submit a resume or other documents, please make sure you do so through the Platform before the deadline.

On-Campus Recruiting

Please check the 'On Campus Recruiting and General Recruiting' and 'The Application and Selection Process' sections of the Career Handbook for further details when applying or registering.


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