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Career Support for Students

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Career Support by Country

At the Ristumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU), focusing on countries with the highest student population (China, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia), we also extend supports for students who wish to find a job in their home country. We hold guidance on the employment situation and career prospect of respective country, organize the On Campus Recruiting for local subsidiary companies coming for recruitment as well as cooperate with the Alumni Association of each country and use its network for various career supports.

Career Support by Industry

The following 5 industries, namely manufacturing; trading; finance & insurance; communication & mass media; tourism/hospitality & service are the most popular industries amongst APU students. To further support our students, we appoint a person-in-charge for each industry and hold the industry-focused seminars and guidance giving opportunities to students to understand the characteristic, contents, future prospect of each industry as well as the motivation of people working there. Moreover, we also cooperate with various companies and organizations in each industry to provide internship opportunities for students. Through all these services, we hope students will be able to deepen the understanding toward each industry and to create their own future vision.

Career Development Courses

At APU, we offer co-curricular courses to help students planning and choosing their career (Career Design I-Ⅲ), and to improve their Japanese skills indispensable for finding a job in Japan (Career Japanese I-Ⅱ). In the Career Design Course, we invite guest speakers from various industries to give a lecture. Through this course, students are expected to be able to deepen their understanding on each industry, analyze and choose the company not by its name but by the business contents, future prospect, competency and the overall criteria.

Support for the Graduate Students

APU Graduate Schools were commenced in 2003 and are entirely held in English with over 200 students currently enrolled. The Student Office offers supports for graduate students who wish to seek a job in Japan or overseas through career orientation after their enrollment, individual counseling session and publishing of newsletter.

The SHIRUCAFE Online Store

APU is providing the SHIRUCAFE Online Store job-hunting support service operated by ENRISSION Inc.

<What is the SHIRUCAFE Online Store?>

The SHIRUCAFE Online Store is a career support service whereby university students from their first year through to when they are job hunting can readily gather career and business information through online events sponsored by company representatives.
These events are held for 1-5students each. (SHIRUCAFE operates fundamentally in Japanese.)

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