1. Job Hunting Guide

Career Office Reference Room

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The Open Reference Space is located in the A building 1st floor and is equipped with very useful materials to support your job hunt. Books, magazines, brochures and various materials to conduct industry and company research, newspapers, posters on job openings, recruitment events, various job hunting seminars, workshops and guidance sessions, etc. are some of them. It is also a place to exchange job hunting info, network and get to know other job hunting students. Also computers with the SPI software installed are also available for you to try on your preference. We highly encourage you to utilize these facilities and prepare in advance to receive an offer from your dream job!

Books and Magazines

A number of books useful for job hunting such as how to write a resume or tackle an interview are available. In addition, we also have collection of business magazines and books written by the founder of a company. Please keep in mind as these books cannot be loaned, kindly use them in the Reference Room only.

  • Books: Quarterly Journal; Preparing for SPI, Interview Skills, etc.
  • Magazines: Nikkei Job Hunting Journal, Toyo Keizai, Nikkei Business, etc.

Job Vacancy Information

A large number of Job Vacancy Information from various companies and organizations is available in the Reference Room. However, since it is also not allowed to bring out from the Reference Room, please kindly read the information inside or make copies when necessary. You are also able to view the job information in the web.


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