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Independently-arranged type Internships

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“Independently Arranged Internships” are internships in which companies and organizations directly recruit and select candidates, and students directly apply for positions (in principle, the university is not the point of contact). From the AY 2023 fall semester (grades applied in the AY 2024 spring semester) students will be able to apply to have independently arranged internships registered as courses if they meet the requirements for the training period and internship period, and if the content is deemed appropriate.

Internship Handbook

Information on the Independently-arranged type Internships will be announced in the Internship Guidance sessions and on Campus Terminal. For further details, please check the following document.
In addition, you may see details of internship opportunities of each host institution on Host Institution List webpage written below.

How to Look for an Independently-arranged type Internship Program

Many companies have information about their internship programs online. However, certain companies and organizations may not have any information online in which case you will have to approach them directly. Several organizations coordinate internship programs for companies and are a great resource for information. Please check 'Useful Internship Websites'. Please refer to the APU Employment Support Web System for searching internship information that has been sent to the university.


*All students who wish to register for courses must watch the video.
"Course Registration" (Japanese / English) Time required 15-20 minutes.

Granting of credits

APU offers "Internships" as a regular course. Registration for internship courses is based on individual student applications. In addition to the internship training, grades are given based on pre-classes and post-classes and reports.

If you wish to register for a course, you must submit all required documents by the designated submission deadline and attend the pre- and post-class sessions and a few other requirements. Please thoroughly read the "Internship Handbook" and be sure to check the "Course Registration" video before submitting the "Course Registration Application Form".


By 5 weeks before program

●Apply for course / submit documents

Course Registration Application Period:By 5 weeks before program
Application (Forms)

Submission of Required Documents

  • Letter or email confirming the implementation of the internship at the company
    ※Submit data that shows the department / division, job content, period (implementation), and supervisor name
  • Documents confirming participation in the internship
    ※Notification of Acceptance from the company, email confirming participation, etc.
  • Internship supervisor agreement form
    ※Download the manual from here and send to the internship supervisor, have the internship supervisor and applicant fill out and submit on Adobe sign.
  • University grade transcript (most recent)
    ※Copy OK

Just before program

●Internal Document Screening

*If applicant passes internal screening

●Pre-class (On-Demand)
●Business Manners Training (On-Demand)

*All students who wish to register for courses must watch the video.
*Attend classes in the language according to the language of the internship.

“Business Manner Training (Movie)”(Japanese/English)

Please answer the following test after you watch the business manner training movie

Business Manners Training Comprehension Test(Japanese/English)
●Purchase Insurance


*If applicant has correctly completed pre-internship assignments, procedures, etc.

●Internship Held

Semester following end of internship


Please confirm via the link below
Post-internship Class Schedule

●Submit required documents ※Friday 12:00 p.m. of the 4th week of the semester

Period:Friday, April 26, 2024, 12:00 p.m.
Period:Friday, October 25, 2024, 12:00 p.m.
Submit Forms

Submitting Required Documents

*Download the manual here and send to the internship supervisor, have the internship supervisor and applicant fill out and submit on Adobe sign.
*If applicant has correctly completed post-internship assignments, procedures, etc.

●Course registered (The university will register the course)
●Grades announced

Internship Insurance

Internships Eligible for Course Credits

Students who participate in an internship for credit are required to enroll in the insurance and risk management support system specified by the university.
Please be sure to complete your insurance enrollment prior to your internship. Students who are participating in regular internship courses will be informed of insurance coverage by the office.

Types of insurance coverage:
(In principle, students who are doing their internship online are not required to purchase insurance.)

  • Domestic Internship
    1. Internship / teaching qualification activity liability insurance (AKA Intern Insurance)
  • Overseas Internships
    1. Internship / teaching qualification activity liability insurance (AKA Intern Insurance)
    2. Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. Overseas Travel Insurance
    3. Emergency Management Support (Japan IR & C)

Internships not Eligible for Course Credits

  • Participants are required to purchase their own student liability insurance from the APU Co-op or insurance from CREOTEC by themselves. In addition, if you will be doing your internship overseas, we recommend that you purchase Overseas Travel Insurance.

    University Coop Insurance Service - Liability Insurance for Student


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