1. Job Hunting Guide

When you have determined your career path

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Job Offer & Determined Career Path Registration

When you have received a job offer, we ask for your cooperation to share the information with us by completing the "Job Offer and Career Path Registration" via the Campusmate Web.

Turning Down an Offer

A job offer is basically a de facto agreement that a company will take on said student as an employee after his/her graduation. Socially this is a serious matter and deserves to be handled as such.

Turning Down a Job Offer Obtained in an Open Recruitment Process

Be aware that delaying a response for such an offer for an unreasonably long time could lead to trouble later on. Make sure to turn down companies in a polite, timely manner, without delay.

How to Turn Down a Job Offer

In the situation where you need to turn down a job offer, the most sincere and professional approach is to offer a personal apology to the HR manager. However, sometimes due to time and geographical constraints, it is not always possible to do this, so please start with a phone call to the relevant person, expressing your decision to turn down their offer, then follow up with a letter of apology.Please refer to the "Receiving a Job Offer" section of the Career Handbook for advice on how to write a letter of apology or make a call for turning down a job offer.

Cooperation for Job Hunting and Graduate School Application Records

We kindly request for students to share their experiences with job hunting and/or graduate school, as they are invaluable assets for underclassmen. Once your job placement or further education has been finalized, we encourage you to share the details of your activities. The reported content will be published on the APU Employment Support WEB System under "Find Testimonials". Personal information such as your name will not be disclosed, only your academic department, gender, and graduation year.

Please download the relevant file below and submit them to the Career Office in person or via email.

Job Hunting Records Format (Japanese)
Job Hunting Records Format (English)

Graduate School Application Records Format (Japanese)
Graduate School Application Records Format (English)

Submit:Career Office Front Desk
Email Address:career2@apu.ac.jp


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