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Certificates such as the Certificate of Enrollment and Transcript of Academic Record can be obtained from the automatic certificate dispenser on campus or by using the certificate issuing service (convenience stores/postal mail). Please fill out the Certificate Request Form (Student Office counter pick-up / postal mail ) and send it as an e-mail attachment if you need a Certificate of Tuition Payment/Scheduled Payment, a Scholarship Certificate, or have other special certificate requests (need the university to fill in a form to be submitted to an external organization, etc.).


*It is possible to issue your Transcript of Academic Record that shows your grades up to the last semester (not the most recent one) from the date grades are released up to the start of the next semester. It will not be possible to issue an updated Transcript of Academic Record that has your grades from the most recent semester on it until the new semester begins.

Using the Automatic Certificate Dispenser

Certificates Issued

Locations Operating Hours
Building A, 1st floor Monday-Friday, 08:45 - 18:00
APU Library During opening hours

*You must have a valid student ID to use the automatic certificate dispenser.
*Students who are in their 9th semester or above must renew their student ID card every semester. You cannot use the Automatic Certificate Dispenser to issue certificates if your student ID card has expired.
*Certificates can be issued using the automatic certificate dispensers located on the Ritsumeikan Tokyo Campus, Osaka Campus and Ritsumeikan University campus. Operating hours may differ for each campus. Please check the respective university website in advance if you plan to use a certificate dispenser on another campus.

Certificate Issuing Service (Convenience Stores / Mail)

Certificates Issued

This service allows students to print out certificates at will using the multifunctional copy machines in convenience stores in Japan (7-ELEVEN, FamilyMart, and Lawson).
*This service is not available at Japanese convenience stores located overseas.

Please request to have the certificate sent by mail in the following cases.

  • You need APU to put the certificate in sealed envelope
  • You need APU to send the certificate directly to an external organization or company

Service Use

How to apply for a certificate

-Log in and select the type of certificate and your preferred method of receipt (either directly at a convenience store or by post). Pay the service charge.

-If you choose to use the certificate issuing service at convenience stores, your certificate will be printed using the multifunctional copy machines in the convenience store you select.
*If you choose to receive a certificate by post, please wait for it to arrive. Certificates are sent out in the order we receive applications and may take some time.

*Please contact the Student Office before completing your application if you wish to have other certificates issued.
Please title your email as “Application for Certificate Issuance”

Log in with your APU ID and password. Internet Explorer not supported.

*Service Information

  • Certificates, including the university seal, are printed in black and white, however, are considered by the university to be an official university-issued certificate. The words “copies prohibited” will appear if you attempt to make a copy of a certificate. Although the words may be somewhat visible on the original certificate itself, this does not indicate a printing problem.
  • Service available 24 hours a day/365 days a year
    (Service will be temporarily suspended on April 1 and September 21. There may be additional cases where service is suspended due to system maintenance.)
  • Printing Restrictions
    *Please check the printing deadline in the "Certificate ready to be issued" email you will receive after you apply.
  • Sealed Envelopes
    Please choose to have the certificate mailed to you by post if you need it to be in a sealed envelope.
  • Certificates to be Submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan will not accept certificates printed at convenience stores. If you need to submit a certificate to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, please choose to have the university send you the certificate by mail when applying. Additionally, leave a note in the comments section of the application to let the university know that you will be submitting the certificate to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Contact information and service manuals here.

Certificates issued

Certificate Current students
Regular Non-Regular
Regular enrolled student
/study abroad student
LOA Exchange students
from Ritsumeikan University
Exchange students
from other universities
Certificate of Enrollment
Certificate of Registration
Certificate (for non-regular students)
Transcript of Academic Record
Certificate of Prospective
Graduation/Completion *1
Health Certificate Please contact the Student Office.
Student Discount Certificates *2
(Certificate Dispenser only)
Others Teaching Certificate Program Please fill out the following "Application for Certificate Issuance" and attach it to your application via e-mail.
Certificate Request Form (Student Office counter pick-up / postal mail )
Please attach a letter of proxy if a proxy will be picking up the certificate on your behalf at the Student Office counter.
*It is now possible for currently enrolled international students to issue a tuition payment receipt for their 2nd semester at APU onward. (Not possible for the first semester at APU.) Receipts may be issued for tuition paid after the 2020 Spring Semester. Click here for details.
Certificate of Payment
/Scheduled Payment
Scholarship Certificate
Special Request Certificates

*1 Certificate of Prospective Graduation/Completion: Issued only to students who have met the graduation/completion assessment criteria.
*2 Only automatic certificate dispensers can issue Student Discount Certificates. Exchange students from Ritsumeikan University will be issued Student Discount Certificates issued by Ritsumeikan University. Student Discount Certificates cannot be issued to students on leave of absence or non-regular students.


Fees Certificate Dispenser Certificate Issuing Service
(Convenience Store)
Certificate Issuing Service (Mail)
Issuance fee 200 yen/per copy 200 yen/per copy 200 yen/per copy
System usage fee 250 yen/per use 250 yen/per use
Printing fee 20 yen/per copy
Postage fee Rates below

*An additional fee will be charged for shipping.

  • Domestic Mail (Letter Pack 370) 370 yen
  • Overseas Mail (EMS etc.)
    First Zone – China, South Korea, Taiwan 1,450 yen
    Second Zone – Asia (excluding China, South Korea, Taiwan) 1,900 yen
    Third Zone – Oceania, Canada, Mexico, Middle East, Europe 3,150 yen
    Fourth Zone – U.S. (including Guam and other U.S. territories) 3,900 yen
    Fifth Zone – Central and South America (excluding Mexico), Africa 3,600 yen

Payment Methods

Application Format Available Payment Methods
Automatic Certificate Dispenser University Co-op App or public transportation IC *Please charge your card/app in advance.
Certificate Issuing Service
(Convenience Stores/Mail)
Credit Card *Please complete the Certificate Issuing Service System payment procedures.
Convenience Store Payment

*Cash and postal money orders will not be accepted.
*We are unable to refund the fee once you have paid. Be sure to confirm your application contents carefully before paying.

Terms of Use

By using the certificate issuing service at convenience stores, you are deemed to have agreed to the following terms of use.
Terms of “Net Print” Service (7-ELEVEN)
* Available in Japanese only
Terms of “Network Print” Service (FamilyMart and LAWSON)
* Available in Japanese only


Please address any inquiries regarding use of the certificate issuing service (convenience store/postal mail) or how to use the multifunctional copy machines, etc to the help desk below.

Uchida Shomeishō Gakugai Hakkō Service Help Desk (Call Center)
0120-954-993 9:00~23:00 (Available weekdays as well as Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays) *Assistance available in Japanese only.

You will be required to provide personal information when inquiring at the Help Desk (Call Center).
Please refer to the following link for details on how personal information is handled.
* Available in Japanese only

How to Use the Multi-copy Machine at a Convenience Store


details: ※Available in Japanese only

FamilyMart and LAWSON

details: ※Available in Japanese only

Please direct all other certificate-related inquiries to the Student Office.
Student Office Email:

Handling of Personal Information

Applicants will be asked to submit identity verification documents to show proof of identity and to confirm they are applying on their own will.
The documents submitted will be used solely for the purpose of issuing the requested certificate(s).