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Support for Students with Disabilities

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At our university, in order to provide the appropriate level of support to address issues faced by students with disabilities (physical disabilities, developmental disabilities, mental disabilities, or other disabilities which affect students’ mental and physical functions) each office has established a support system (see figure below). In this system, the Academic Office provides support with ‘taking classes’ and ‘taking examinations’ to ensure students with disabilities can enjoy and exercise the same “right to receive education” as other students.

Support for Students with Disabilities

Process to Receive Support

Applying to Receive New Support Measures

① Consultation:

The student requesting support applies via the Academic Office. Designated office staff consult with the student regarding “their current situation,” “support measures they have previously received,” “requested support measures,” etc.

② Apply for Support:

The student submits documents showing the necessity of their support measures to the University apudss@apu.ac.jp, including their Application for Special Support Services for Classes and Exams, Medical Certificates from specialists, opinions of Counselors, handover reports from high school, etc.

③ Discuss Support Details:

The Disability Support Services Committee discusses the requirement and feasibility of the requested support measures.

④ Agree on Support:

The Academic Office notifies the student of the details of their support.

⑤ Course Registration:

After course registration, the student sends the "Letter: Request for Reasonable Accommodations" by email to the instructors of the courses for which they will need accommodations in class.

⑥ Consult with Instructor(s):

Before or after the course starts each Instructor can request to meet with the student to discuss the course.

⑦ Start of Support:

The student receives support in their class / exams.

Applying to Continue Support

At the end of the 2nd quarter of each semester the university contacts students receiving special support to receive feedback on whether the provided support was appropriate, and confirm whether the student will need to continue receiving support.

Students who wish to continue receiving support go through the Course Registration → Instructor Consultation → Start of Support cycle.

Application for Special Support Services for Classes and Exams

Students should fill out the Application for Special Support Services for Classes and Exams form shown below, and bring it to their consultation.

Application for Special Support Services for Classes and Exams (Excel)

Contact Information

Please see here for more information.

Consultation with Instructors

Each student will have one Academic Office staff member assigned to their case during the support period. The staff member will periodically consult with the student regarding classes and examinations. Any issues will be discussed in detail with the student to we can try to work together to find a solution.


  • *In principle, requests for class/exam support will be considered based on application submitted to the Academic Office by the student requesting support.
  • *Requests for class/exam supports which include requests to change a course’s grade evaluation method or passing requirements will not be accepted.
  • *The requested support measures might be adjusted based on the results of the Committee’s discussions.
  • *n some cases we may consult with students and ask for their understanding regarding support measures which cannot be fulfilled (sign language interpreters, braille interpreters, etc.).
  • *Depending on a student’s situation, in some cases faculty consultations may take place before discussion of support details.
  • *If a student applying for continued support requests major changes to their support measures we may need to re-discuss the student’s support measures.
  • *The foundation of university life at APU is on-campus learning and experience.
    In principle, all students will be required to attend classes in person from the AY 2022 Fall Semester onwards.
    Support for students with disabilities will not include the option to attend classes online.

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