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  1. Chapter 4: Course Registration

1. What is Course Registration?

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1-1. What is the Course Registration?

Course registration is the process of each student registering for classes they would like to take, as well as a declaration of intent. Course registration is the most important part of course planning, and absolutely necessary in order to attend classes, receive credits, and graduate.
Please use extra caution when registering for classes to ensure that you are able to progress smoothly in your study plan.

1-2. Credit Registration Limits

  • There is a fixed maximum number of credits for which students may register each semester.
  • There are no minimum credit requirements per semester.
  • However, there are minimum requirements when applying for certain scholarships and programs.
  • As the number of credits registered may impact visa status for international students, please consult the Student Office in this matter.

Maximum Number of Credits

Semester Regular Students Accelerated Graduation Program Students
1st Semester 18 Credits
2nd Semester 18 Credits
3rd Semester 20 Credits 24 Credits
4th Semester 20 Credits 24 Credits
5th Semester 20 Credits 24 Credits
6th Semester 20 Credits 24 Credits
7th Semester 24 Credits 24 Credits
8th Semester and over 24 Credits 24 Credits

1-3. Course Registration Overview

In order to take classes, students must first register for courses during “Course Registration Periods” held before each semester begins.

【Registration Steps】

1. Check th course registration schedule.

2. View syllabi and decide on which subjects to register.

3. Using the Subject List for your college and curriculum, confirm the subject fields, prerequisites, and Area of Study for each subject.

4. Check the course timetable.

5. Register for courses online during the designated Registration Period via Campusmate.

6. After completing course registration, print or save the ”Registration Confirmation Screen.”

7. Attend classes.

8. If desired, make any course registration changes during the appropriate Correction Period.

1-4. Procedures available during the Course Registration Period

Period Available Subjects Registration Changes Possible
Semester Courses
1Q Courses
2Q Courses
Session Courses
Registration Period A

Language, Common Liberal Arts,
Major Subjects (from own college)

Add Drop Add Drop Add Drop Add Drop
Registration Period B

All subjects
(Including Major Subjects
from other colleges)

Add Drop Add Drop Add Drop Add Drop
Correction Period 1

All subjects

Drop only Drop only Add Drop Add Drop
Correction Period 2

All subjects

Drop only Add Drop


  • Course Registration Period A is only available to current APU students. Newly enrolled, re-enrolled, and reinstated students will begin registration from Course Registration Period B.
  • Automatically registered subjects and designated classes will be registered by the University.

1-5. Trading Registered Courses with Other Students

Course registration is an incredibly important procedure for studying at university. Trading or exchanging registered courses violates APU’s rules regarding course registration.
Registering for courses you do not plan on taking with the intent of trading or exchanging them is a severe infringement on other students’ rights to study as it prevents them from taking courses they earnestly want to study. Furthermore, the following acts are all subject to disciplinary action: trading a registered course with another student, asking another student to trade a registered course with you, actually receiving a traded course from another student, and intending to trade a course even if you did not in the end.

Dean of Academic Affairs
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

1-6. Important Notes for Course Registration

  • Students cannot register over the credit limit per semester.
  • Students cannot register for subjects held during the same period on the same day, unless the subjects are held during different quarters.
  • Students are not able to register for subjects that have reached capacity.
  • If you fail to earn credits for an automatically-registered subject that is required for graduation, the university will automatically register you for the subject again in the following semester.
  • Students cannot normally register for subjects that they have already passed, even if the instructor, class letter, or language is different. However, students may register for subjects that can be taken more than once. For information about eligible subjects, please check the "Re-registration Possible" column on the Subject List for your college and curriculum.
  • Students are not able to register for subjects that do not appear on their course registration screen.
  • Students must complete the necessary procedures in order to register for subjects requiring prior application.
  • Courses may be cancelled if the number of students registered does not meet the established minimum quota.
  • Students to whom the following conditions apply are not allowed to register for Session Subjects.
Curriculum Conditions
2023 Curriculum Students in their 8th semester or above *2who have already earned at least 100 credits *3
2017 Curriculum Students in their 8th semester or above *2who have already earned at least 100 credits *3
2011 Curriculum *1 Students in their 8th semester or above *2who have already earned at least 100 credits *3
  • *1Students who changed from the AY 2006 Curriculum to the AY 2011 Curriculum as a result of a status change or reenrollment will fall under the AY 2006 conditions.
  • *2Accelerated Graduation Program students will fall under the same conditions as those in their intended semester of graduation.
  • *3Credits earned through exchange programs or distance learning programs are transferred as APU credits. As a result, if a student reaches the maximum number of credits in the middle of the semester, the student will no longer be considered eligible to register for session subjects. If it is possible that this will happen to you, we strongly recommend you register for classes other than session subjects.

If an ineligible student registers for a session subject, the University will remove that subject from the student’s schedule.


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