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Graduation Requirement Confirmation Consultations

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The Academic Office offers graduation requirement confirmation sessions to improve students’ understanding of their graduation requirements and help them make plans to carry out their studies systematically until graduation. However, these sessions do not serve as proof of whether a student is approved for graduation.

How to Apply(consultation via email only)

1. Fill out the “Credit Completion Status Checklist” and submit it to acsubmit@apu.ac.jp.

Please download the “Credit Completion Status Checklist” which applies to you from the link below. Please fill out the sheet while referring to “How to fill out the Checklist”, and after it is complete, please submit it to the Academic Office via email (acsubmit@apu.ac.jp).

2. The Office will review the “Credit Completion Status Checklist”.

The Academic Office will review the checklist, add comments, stamp it with the Office seal, and return it to the student via email.

You will be unable to use Campusmate directly before and shortly after the course registration period and the release of grades dates. Please confirm the available period for Campusmate from the “Information” section of the Campusmate login screen in advance.
You will not be able to check your Course Registration screen from the day grades are announced until the day before Course Registration Period A, so please check your Grade Report screen and fill out as much of the Confirmation Sheet as possible in that case.

Time Required for Results

  • It will take approximately 2 to 3 days for the results to be returned.
  • Many students apply right before or after course registration periods, so it may take time for the Office to check the information and return the results. Please submit applications with plenty of time to spare.

Important notes when applying directly before or after Course Registration Periods

  Course Registration Period
Registration Period A Registration Period B Correction Period 1 Correction Period 2
Application Timing
Before (Caution) Students cannot access Campusmate (Course Registration and Grade Report screens) on the day before course registration periods due to system maintenance.
*The Grade Report screen can be accessed from 21:00 onwards.
The Office can check based on completed credits from previous semesters The Office checks based on the results of Registration Period A The Office checks based on the results of Registration Period B The Office checks based on the results of Correction Period 1
Please do not fill out the “Registered” column if you want to exclude currently registered credits from confirmation.
During During course registration periods, the Office cannot check the credits that students are registered for that semester. In principle, results will be returned from the day after the Course Registration Period ends if the Office is checking the number of credits being registered.
After The Office can confirm how many credits students are registered for in the current semester from 21:00 on the final day of the Course Registration Period.


  • Sessions do not serve as proof of whether a student is approved for graduation. The Office cannot answer whether a student is approved for graduation.
  • Students should state if they are Accelerated Graduation Program students or transfer students in their application.
  • The “Credit Completion Status Checklist” issued after the session is not an official document and cannot be submitted to external organizations (such as for job offers or graduate school applications).

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