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  1. Chapter 7: Other Procedures (College Transfer, Accelerated Graduation, etc.)

2. College Transfer

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"Transfer within the University" is a system whereby an APU student,scheduled to proceed to the 2nd or 3rd year level, transfers from the College in which they are currently studying to another College within the University. As a general rule, transfer from a college is only available when there are openings in the other College.


  Transfer From AY2024 Fall Semester Transfer From AY2025 Spring Semester
Application MaterialsAvailable Early June 2024 Late November 2024
Application Period Mon.June 10 - Fri. June 14 ,2024 Mon.December 2 - Fri.December 6 , 2024
Interviews Mon.June 24 - Fri.July 5 ,2024 Mon.January 13 - Fri,January 24 , 2025
Results Announced Mon.September 9 , 2024 Wed.March 12 , 2025
Procedure Deadline Middle of September 2024 Late March 2025
Effective Date ofTransfer Sat.September 21 ,2024 Sat.April 1 , 2025

Application and Screening

Application Period

  • When moving to 2nd year: Apply during 2nd semester
  • When moving to 3rd year: Apply during 4th semester


  • Transfers at the 2nd year level (2nd semester students): Students must obtain at least 30 credits by the end of their first year of study and maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.50.
  • Transfers at the 3rd year level (4th semester students): Students must obtain at least 60 credits by the end of their second year of study and maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.50. In Addition, students must have completed all required language courses by the end of the 4th semester.
  • *Please note that Accelerated Program students cannot apply for transfer at the 3rd year level.
  • *Please note that students on Academic Leave cannot apply for transfer.

Screening Method

After completing document screening, there will be an interview held, after which the faculty council will determine whether or not to approve the transfer.

Credit Transfer

Credit received in your college prior to transfer will be evaluated by the Division of Academic Affairs and transferred. In the new college, the major subject credits from the previous college will be treated as "credits from another college" (with certain exceptions).

  • *Once the college transfer has been approved please complete the required procedures within the allowed time. If these procedures are not completed, you will be expelled from the university.


Application Materials

  • College Transfer Application (DOC)

    • *College Transfer Application sample (PDF)
    • *Only signatures and seals of the actual “primary tuition provider” will be considered valid. The signature of the “primary tuition provider” (international students only) will be sufficient in the case that the “primary tuition provider” does not possess a seal (inkan).
      The “Application for College Transfer sithin the University” is able to be downloaded prior to the start of the application period. Please make sure that you have your “primary tuition provider” sign the documents so that you are able to submit them during the designated application period.
  • College Transfer Fee of 10,000 JPY
  • College Transfer Essay

How to Submit

Please submit through Forms here.

Application Notes

  • Once you submit your application, you cannot change or cancel it for whatever reason. Please consider your situation carefully before applying.
  • The screening schedule cannot be changed at your request for any reason whatsoever.
  • If your transfer is approved, you will be removed from the register of your current College on the final day of the semester in question.
  • Please conduct the necessary procedures within the prescribed timeframe. If you do not complete procedures by the deadline, your permission for transfer will be revoked and you will be forced to withdraw from your current College at the end of the semester.

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