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On-Demand Guidance Videos

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On-Demand Guidance Videos

For AY 2024 Spring Semester New Student Orientation

Information System Guidance

Please read the guidance material “BEGINNER'S GUIDE for Students” and video in advance, before attending the Information System Guidance in-person on March 28 (Thu).

0. Welcome to APU!! - Video Contents and ALRCS Students' Support –

Ready to navigate your new student environment? This video series by ALRCS provides a clear roadmap for students and introduces you to the systems you will need for your APU life such as your APU e-mail, Campus Terminal, Campusmate, Moodle, and More!

1. Notification of APU user ID and password

To access the APU systems, you will need your APU Account. This video shows you where to find your user ID and password and gives a summary on which systems it can be used for.

2. Initial Set-up of the APU Account, MFA and Microsoft 365

Learn how to safeguard your APU (Microsoft 365) account with confidence and download the necessary tools you will need for classes like Zoom! In this video we will explain how to change and strengthen your password and how to enable Multi Factor Authentication!

3. Campus Terminal and Campusmate

Campus Terminal and Campusmate both have 'Campus' in the name, but their functions are very different! This video unveils the functionalities of Campus Terminal and Campus Mate, how to log-in, and essential functions you need to know.

4. APU Moodle

Where do you submit homework and find learning materials given by the professors in APU? That would be Moodle for most classes. This video introduces how to log-in to APU Moodle, your academic learning system for your APU life.

5. Connecting to the Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)

To connect to APU's online system you will need to connect to the campus Wifi! This video explains how to connect to the Wifi for the first time on Campus and troubleshooting tips for a seamless online experience. We'll also cover key points to remember when the semester starts such as the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy and loaner PC options.

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