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6-1. What are Common Liberal Arts Subjects?

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6. Common Education Subjects (Common Liberal Arts Subjects)

The subjects available at APU are divided into Common Education Subjects and Major Education Subjects. Common Education Subjects include Language Education Subjects and Common Liberal Arts Subjects, with Language Education Subjects further subdivided into 4 areas: English Language Subjects, Japanese Language Subjects, AP Language Subjects, and Special Lecture Subjects.

6-1. What are Common Liberal Arts Subjects?

All Common Liberal Arts Subjects are sorted into three subject fields. Subjects that fall under Common Liberal Arts include ones that aim to cultivate cultured and knowledgeable students as well as foundation subjects that serve as an introduction to each college’s major subjects.

Please refer to your college’s curriculum outline to check which subjects belong to each subject field.

Common Liberal Arts Subjects

Field Outline
APU Literacy APU aims to be a global learning community where its diverse student body, composed of students with diverse cultural and social backgrounds from all over Japan and the world, can grow and develop while deepening their mutual understanding towards each other. By studying subjects in this field, students can acquire the methodologies needed to enrich their studies and make the most of APU’s multicultural environment as they deepen their understanding of Japan and the Asia Pacific region, where the majority of students come from.
Introduction to Major Studies Group The subjects in this field are foundation subjects that serve as an introduction to specialized study in each of the three colleges. Most of these subjects are required subjects for each college, and students should take them as early as possible to gain a foundation in their university studies.
Global Citizens Foundation In order to become global changemakers, APU students must be knowledgeable and well-versed in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. This field includes a variety of subjects that do not fall under the specialties of APU’s three colleges. Furthermore, students also need to be able to logically formulate ideas based on data and communicate with the world using ICT. This subject field also includes subjects that serve as the foundation for acquiring these skills.

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