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  1. Chapter 7: Other Procedures (College Transfer, Accelerated Graduation, etc.)

4. Pre-enrollment Credit Transfer

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APU understands the significance of learning through a wide range of channels; therefore, the university will allow students to transfer credits obtained prior to enrollment under certain conditions. Credits will be transferred only upon application. To apply, students should submit a "Credit Transfer Application" to the Academic Office.

Credit Transfer for Studies Conducted at Other Institutions Prior to Enrollment

APU will transfer a maximum of 30 credits for studies conducted at other universities prior to enrollment at APU in the instances outlined below. APU will authorize:

  • Credits obtained at another university or junior college before enrolling at APU.
  • Credits obtained as a part-time APU student prior to enrollment.

A maximum of 60 credits in any form may be transferred after enrolling at APU.

* Credits transferred at the time of enrollment at APU do not count toward the 60 credit limit for 2nd or 3rd year transfer students ONLY.

Application Period

Applications are only accepted immediately after a student’s enrollment at APU. Students must submit their application form to the Academic Office by 16:30 on the final day of the 2nd Course Registration Correction Period. APU will not authorize credit transfers after this time under any circumstances.

  • Application Information (PDF) *1st Semester Students Only
  • Credit Transfer Application Form (Excel)

Credit Transfer Procedures

  • APU will authorize a credit transfer if a correlation can be made with an APU subject, and the contents of the subject taken at the former institution can be verified by an syllabus (outline).
  • If a direct correlation cannot be made between the subject taken at the former institution and APU, the credits might be transferred into one of the subject fields, as appropriate.

Transfer of Grades

A grade of "T" (transfer) will be shown for all transferred subjects in the evaluation section of student’s grade reports.


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