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  1. Chapter 10: College of Sustainability and Tourism
  2. 7. ST Major Education Subjects

7-2. Seminar Subjects

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The college of Sustainability and Tourism (ST) has established “Graduation Project” and “Capstone” to summarize students’ learning outcomes as a culmination of their 4 years of learning.
In “Graduation Project,” students aim to write a deliverable in the form of an undergraduate thesis or activity report. In “Capstone,” students take on the challenge of solving problems faced by companies and organizations.
A general overview is shown below, but details such as how to apply for seminars and the application schedule will be announced at a later date.

232023 Curriculum

  • Students who enrolled as new (1st year) students in AY 2023 or later.

3rd Year Seminars – “Major Seminar”

ST students are registered for “Major Seminar” in their 3rd year. In small-group classes students set their research topic and create a graduation thesis proposal to prepare for “Graduation Project” or “Capstone” which will be taken in their 4th year.
After reviewing the literature, students will choose their own research topics and complete their graduation thesis proposal. Students will also refine their research topic and research and analysis methods, and work to collect data based on their research topic in preparation for “Graduation Project” or “Capstone.”

Major Seminar [Grade Evaluation]
Letter Grade (A+, A, B, C, F)

  • Registered by the university based on a preliminary screening.

4th Year Seminar

This course aims to have students make the most of the knowledge and techniques they have gained up through their third year to work on their undergraduate thesis or problem solving as a culmination of their 4 years of study.

(1) [Graduation Research] [Graduation Project]

Students spend a year researching a topic they are interested in, and complete their theses or activity reports in the second half of the year. In this course, in the first half of their 4th year, students take “Graduation Research” (2 credits), and in the second half of the year they take “Graduation Project” (4 credits).

[Grade Evaluation]
Graduation Research: P (Pass) or F (Fail)
Graduation Project: Letter Grade (A+, A, B, C, F)

(2) Capstone

Under the guidance of their course instructor, students conduct surveys and research on actual issues given by organizations such as companies and local governments, or on topics set by faculty members after considering those organizations. Making use of the knowledge, methodology, and social experience they have gained through their 4 years of study to propose solutions by themselves.

[Grade Evaluation]
Letter Grade (A+, A, B, C, F)

[Overview of 3rd and 4th Year Seminars]
  • *Must earn credit for one of these.

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