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  1. Chapter 3: Credits

1. Credits

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1-1. Credit System

Coursework at APU is based on the credit system. The number of credits earned per course is determined by the Japanese University Establishment Criteria, and is based upon the number of class hours (including study conducted outside of class, homework, etc.).
Students who receive a passing grade in a class for which they are registered receive credits based on the hours completed.


Course Type Number of Classes Number of Credits
Lecture Course 14 classes + out-of-class study, homework, etc. 2
Language Course 56 classes + out-of-class study, homework, etc. 4

1-2. Credits and Course Type

Course Type Credits Offered Classes per Week Total No. of Classes
Lecture 2 Quarter-basis
(2 months)
2 14
(4 months)
Seminar 2 Semester-basis
(4 months)
1 14
Language 4 Semester-basis
(4 months)
4 56
2 2 28

1-3.From Registration to Credit Completion

1.Plan your Course of Study
Looking towards graduation, students should create a study plan while being aware of what they will study over the course of four years.
2.Register for Courses
Please be sure to register for the courses you would like to take during the Course Registration Period.
3.Take Courses
Please carry out course preparation, attendance, and review thoroughly.
4.Grade Evaluation
The professor will provide a grade for daily points (such as participation in class), exams, and reports.
When a passing grade is obtained, students will receive credits.

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