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  1. Chapter 4: Course Registration

6. Important Notes for Course Registration

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Important Notes for Course Registration

  • Students cannot register over the credit limit per semester.
  • Students cannot register for subjects held during the same period on the same day, unless the subjects are held during different quarters.
  • Students are not able to register for subjects that have reached capacity.
  • If you fail to earn credits for an automatically-registered subject that is required for graduation, the university will automatically register you for the subject again in the following semester.
  • Students cannot normally register for subjects that they have already passed, even if the instructor, class letter, or language is different. However, students may register for subjects that can be taken more than once. For information about eligible subjects, please check the "Re-registration Possible" column on the Subject List for your college and curriculum.
  • Undergraduate "Special Lecture" and graduate "Special Studies" subjects can be taken more than once only if the lecture content is different. Even if the lecture content is the same, it will appear tn the course registration screen of Campusmate, so please do not register for a lecture with the same content. To confirm whether the content varies from a subject in which you have already received credits, please check the topic list and the syllabus.
  • Students are not able to register for subjects that do not appear on their course registration screen.
  • Students must complete the necessary procedures in order to register for subjects requiring prior application.
  • Courses may be cancelled if the number of students registered does not meet the established minimum quota.
  • Students to whom the following conditions apply are not allowed to register for Session Subjects.
Curriculum Conditions
2023 Curriculum Students in their 8th semester or above *2who have already earned at least 100 credits *3
2017 Curriculum Students in their 8th semester or above *2who have already earned at least 100 credits *3
2011 Curriculum *1 Students in their 8th semester or above *2who have already earned at least 100 credits *3
  • *1Students who changed from the AY 2006 Curriculum to the AY 2011 Curriculum as a result of a status change or reenrollment will fall under the AY 2006 conditions.
  • *2Accelerated Graduation Program students will fall under the same conditions as those in their intended semester of graduation.
  • *3Credits earned through exchange programs or distance learning programs are transferred as APU credits. As a result, if a student reaches the maximum number of credits in the middle of the semester, the student will no longer be considered eligible to register for session subjects. If it is possible that this will happen to you, we strongly recommend you register for classes other than session subjects.

If an ineligible student registers for a session subject, the University will remove that subject from the student’s schedule.

Notes on registering for courses on Campusmate

  • When you register or cancel subjects online, please be sure to click the "Save Changes" button to register your changes.
    Upon completion, please make sure to save or print the Course Registration Confirmation Sheet which includes your "Registration No." Without this number on the Course Registration Confirmation Sheet, we cannot respond to inquiries about system errors.
    Be sure to record the date the Course Registration Confirmation Sheet was printed/saved.
  • Students bear full responsibility for any errors made during course registration.
    As no special consideration will be given for such errors, please use extra caution during registration to ensure no mistakes are made.
  • The University takes no responsibility for problems with course registration resulting from issues with web browsers.
  • Do not log into multiple screens with the same account at the same time.
  • This can lead to system errors, preventing registration.
    The University will bear no responsibility for any problems a student may experience in this case.
  • If you log out or close the registration screen prior to completing course registration, you will lose all changes.
    You must first complete your course registration, log out, and then log in again to confirm your course registration is correct.
    Mistakes in registration are your own responsibility.
  • Please do not share your password with anyone else.
    The University recommends regularly changing your password.
  • Using another person's APU Net ID and password to access Campus Terminal, Campusmate, or other services is an extremely serious criminal act.
    Never use another person's account ID and password.
  • Every morning between the hours of 3:00 and 5:00(Japan Standard Time) Campusmate will be offline for maintenance.

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