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BEGINNER'S GUIDE for students

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The information environment (IT services) has become an indispensable foundation for university education and research activities.
Before using the information environment, be sure to check "What to do first (settings, etc.)," "Rules," "Information security measures," and "How to use each service."

1. Before using the Information Environment (IT services)

Initialize your APU User ID [Required]

Issuance of APU Account (ID) and Password (For New Students in AY 2024 Spring Semester)

APU account user ID and password will be informed through the “Enrolment Procedures System” in the evening of Wednesday, March 27.
For details, please check the notification method in the email sent to you.*See the sample email below.
*Please note that the system to access is different for international and domestic admissions students.

International Admissions Students:
You can confirm your APU account user ID,password, and student ID number in the "Enrollment Procedures System".
Sample email sent on March 4th and 27th [for International Admissions Students]
(Image Screen) Notification of user ID and password in the "Enrollment Procedures System" [for International Admissions Students]

Domestic Admission Students:
You can confirm your APU account user ID, password, and student ID number in the"Enrollment Procedures System"
Sample email sent on March 18th and 27th [for Domestic Admissions Students]
(Image Screen) Notification of user ID and password in the "Enrollment Procedures System" [for Domestic Admissions Students]

After confirming that your name is correct, be sure to set the following.

(1) Perform initial settings for multi-factor authentication
How to set up multi-factor authentication

(2) Change initial password
About changing password

Password Management Guide
In recent years, there have been many cases of IDs and passwords being stolen, resulting in information security incidents such as the theft of information and money, and the harming of third parties by attackers impersonating themselves. In order to avoid such a situation, users should use and manage their APU user IDs and passwords responsibly, and handle them with due care.

Notes: ID and E-mail Address
There are two types in APU systems and services: one is to log in with your APU account ID, and the other is to log in with your email address ([your ID]@apu.ac.jp).
The password will be the same for both, but please refer to the respective manuals and use it carefully.

Obey rules and morals [Required]

The Internet has established itself as a social infrastructure, and has permeated our daily lives through information searches, shopping, and SNS.
These Activities on the information networks are part of the real world, and as long as we live in society, we must comply with laws, internal rules, guidelines, and morals.

(1) Think about rules and morals
While information networks allow for easy acquisition and retrieval of information and communication with an unspecified number of people, they can also be a source of troubles depending on how they are used, such as unintended leakage of personal information or slander and defamation caused by unintentional transmission of information.

5 things you should know about using SNS

  1. Information on SNS is not always correct.
  2. Social rules must be followed even on SNS.
  3. Information on SNS is spread around the world.
  4. Even if you are anonymous on SNS, you are still responsible for what you say.
  5. Unintentional comments on SNS may cause damage to family and friends.

(2) Obey the law
Personal Information and Rights Infringement
4 key points regarding Personal Information & Rights Infringement

  1. 8-1 Check the information that is gathered by PCs and smartphones
  2. 8-2 Check the degree to which your website browsing history is shared
  3. 8-3 Beware of disclosing personal information on SNS
  4. 8-4 Be conscious of the rights and laws concerning intellectual property and personal information, etc.

(3) Comply with regulations and guidelines regarding the use of the information environment
Information System Usage Regulations
Basic Regulations for Information System Usage and Operation Management

(4) Comply with regulations and guidelines regarding information ethics
APU established "Information Ethics Guidelines" to provide basic guiding principles that users should observe to avoid unknowingly becoming a victim or victimizer when using various popular information services either on or off campus. When using information services, you should observe the principles outlined in the Information Ethics Guidelines and act with a sense of discipline and self-awareness befitting a student of APU.
Information Ethics Guidelines

Practice information security measures [Required]

Information security incidents (information leaks, fraud, ransom demands, etc.) are occurring frequently as the Internet permeates our daily lives.
In the same way that we take measures against crimes and traffic accidents, we ask users to take information security measures seriously in order to protect their own safety.

(1) Practice information security measures
Internet Service Usage Guidelines

(2) Know how to respond to information security incidents
Just like traffic accidents, it is impossible to completely prevent information security incidents from occurring.
Please understand in advance what actions you should take in the event of such an incident.
Response Examples by type of Information Incident

(3) Reporting information security incidents
For information security incidents, it is very important to respond quickly to prevent damage from spreading.
Please contact us immediately in the event of an incident.

APU Information Systems Administrative Office
※Information incidents can happen to anyone, and individuals will not be held responsible for reporting incidents.

2. Use of Information Environment

Prepare for Classes [Required]

  • Class Preparation
    Please check Academic Calendar, Curriculum, etc.
  • Confirmation of terminal equipment and Network Environment
    APU encourages BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in which students bring their own devices to the university.
    *Please consider the following as the minimum specifications for using the APU-Net environment.
    OS Windows Mac OS
    Operating Environment Windows 10 or later macOS Catalina (10.15) or later
    RAM 8 GB or more
    (16 GB or more preferred)
    8 GB or more
    (16 GB or more preferred)
    CPU Intel-based or AMD-based with 6 cores or higher Apple 8-core or higher
    Note SPSS Amos Cannot use

Use APU IT service [Required]

(1) Make initial settings for email (Microsoft 365)
You can use services such as e-mail and schedule using the e-mail address issued by APU.
Initial setup for Mail (Microsoft 365)

(2) Make initial settings for zoom
You can use the web conferencing system by using the e-mail address issued by APU. You must complete this setup in advance in order to participate in classes and guidance sessions conducted online.
Make initial settings for zoom

(3) Campus Terminal & Campusmate

Campus Terminal is a system equipped with a web bulletin board that disseminates information about programs, events, and maintenance, as well as information about cancelled and made-up classes and syllabus. Information is updated daily, so please check back regularly.

Campusmate is a system for updating your personal information registered with the university and Course Registration. Please make sure to update your home or hometown address, phone number, etc. if there are any changes.
*If your address and contact information are not registered with Campusmate, you may not be able to reissue your password or apply for the program or complete other procedures. Please be sure to register them.

Use on-campus network

(1) Connect your computer or smartphone to a wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) on campus
Initial settings for wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)

Use Office apps and online storage

(1) Install Office apps on your own computer or smartphone
Install Microsoft 365

(2) Use online storage
You can use online storage that can save file data on the Internet.
Use of online storage (OneDrive for Business)

When sharing files, be aware of who can access the information and be careful of information leaks. Once information is leaked onto the Internet, it cannot be completely deleted, and the situation is irreversible.

Use other services

There are various information environments (IT services) other than those explained so far, so please make use of them in your daily education and research activities.

APU Moodle
A Learning Management System (LMS) used in all classes.

IT Support (Basic Support)
Various software, facility reservation systems, and printing environments are introduced.

Support Desk
IT - Information Technology – is a crucial part of learning. APU provides IT support for both students and teachers to ensure more effective teaching and learning.


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