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The Student Office accepts requests for sessions any time. Please make use of these sessions to plan your course of study. Please make an appointment through the following steps.

How to Apply

1. Fill out the necessary items and send a meeting request to the Office.

Send the information shown in ① ~ ⑤ below in an email to acsubmit@apu.ac.jp.
① Name ② Student ID Number ③ Topic that you wish to discuss ④ Requested date / time for session ⑤ In-Person Session or Online Session

  • *The available dates and times for sessions are shown below. Please provide at least three date requests.
  • *Please avoid making a reservation the day before the day you wish to have an appointment. The Office cannot accommodate such requests.
  • *For topics which do not require confirmation of your identity, consultations may be carried out over email.
  • *Student Office Hours
Monday,Wednesday through Friday 10:00-16:30
Tuesday 11:30-16:30
2. Wait for the reply from the Office and come to your appointment.

Your appointment date and time will be emailed to you from acsubmit@apu.ac.jp, so please follow the email and attend your session.

[Online (Zoom) Session]

Please attend your session using the Meeting ID show in the email.

  • *Please check here for details on how to install Zoom.
  • *We will need to confirm your identity, so please keep your camera on during the session.
[In-Person Session]

Please come to the meeting place for your session at the designated time.

  • *Please prepare all required materials.
  • *Please be sure to wear a mask.

What to prepare for the session

  • Student ID card (used to check your identity at the start of the session)
  • Printout or electronic copy of your Course Registration Confirmation Page from Campusmate (latest version)
  • Printout or electronic copy of your Grade Report from Campusmate (latest version)
    You will be unable to use Campusmate directly before and shortly after the course registration period and the release of grades dates. Please confirm the available period for Campusmate from the “Information” section of the Campusmate login screen in advance.

What to check beforehand

  • Please check the information and rules on the Academic Information website in advance.
  • Please check your own credit status and course registration status on Campusmate.
  • For information on how to register for courses through Campusmate, please check the Campusmate Course Registration Manual.

Future Plans and Goals

After fully understanding the content discussed during the session, students are ultimately responsible for making their own decisions regarding registration.


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