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Application to take APM Required Subjects in Opposite Language

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In principle APM required subjects are automatically registered by the university for students in their language of enrollment. In other words, English-basis students take classes in English and Japanese-basis students take classes in Japanese. However, English-basis students can apply to take APM required subjects in Japanese if they meet the requirements. If you would like to apply for this, please check the application guidelines below.

*Not applicable for 2011 curriculum students.

AY 2023 Spring Semester

Application Requirements

  • Eligible Students

    2017 Curriculum APM Students
    Only students with the student status of "regular student" in the AY 2023 Spring Semester are eligible to apply.

  • Requirements vary by Language basis

    Language Requirements
    Japanese basis must have passed Intermediate English A and B, or been exempted from the courses
    English basis must have passed Japanese Intermediate course, or been exempted from the course
  • Applicable Required Subjects

    Only available for automatically-registered APM Required Subjects which have not yet been passed.
    The upcoming semester must be the semester in which the course will be registered, or a higher semester, to apply.

    Subject Name Subject CD Registration Registration
    Can apply to take
    in Japanese?
    Introduction to Management 030566 Automatic 1st semester Yes
    AccountingⅠ 030571 Automatic 2nd semester Yes
    Introduction to Marketing 037213 Automatic 2nd semester Yes
    Introduction to Economics 020031 Automatic 2nd semester Yes
    Finance 030600 Automatic 3rd semester Yes
    Management of Human Resource and Organizational Behavior 037214 Automatic 3rd semester Yes
    Production Management 030630 Automatic 3rd semester Yes
    Legal Strategy in Business 033011 Automatic 3rd semester Yes
    Business Ethics 033033 Automatic 5th semester Yes
    Global Management(Capstone) 037120 Automatic 7th semester No (held E/J)
    Statistics 027003 Registered by Student No
    (not automatically registered)
    Fundamental Mathematics 030564 Registered by Student
    Advanced Mathematics 037215 Registered by Student

Application Procedure

Period Monday, March 6, 2023, 10:00 - Monday, March 13, 2023, 16:30
Method Online Survey (manaba)
Result Result will be announced on Campus Terminal before the start of Course Registration period A.
Course Registration If application is approved the university will register the course before Course Registration period A.

Applications may not be accepted if:

  • You don’t meet the conditions listed above
  • If required subject that you wish to take in Japanese overlaps with a subject automatically registered for you by the university
  • You fail required subjects registered for you by the university in the previous semester. Reregistration of these courses will be prioritized over your application. If reregistering these courses plus the new course will cause you to exceed the max credit registration limit for the semester, your application will be rejected.

Important Notes

  • Once an application has been approved it cannot be cancelled.
  • The university registers students in their designated required classes before Course Registration period A.
  • Once an application is approved and the required subject is registered in your opposite-language by the university, you cannot change classes even if there is a conflict with another class you wish to take
  • Once an application has been approved you cannot choose to take that course in your enrollment-basis language
  • Applications are only approved for the following semester (If you wish to continue to take APM required subjects in your opposite-language in the future, you must apply again before the start of each semester.)

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