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  1. Chapter 5: Examinations

2. Make-up Exams

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If a student is unable to take the final exam due to hospitalization, sudden illness, job hunting activities, disaster or any other unavoidable reason, the student may be allowed to take a make-up examination. After preparing the necessary certificates, please follow the application procedure described below.
Depending on the subject, the make-up examination may be in the form of a written test or a report.
There is no limit to the number of subjects for which a student may apply to take make-up examinations.

Application Period and Make-up Examination Schedule

2023 Fall Application Period Make-up Examination Schedule
1st Quarter Wed, November 22 - Mon, November 27, noon Wed, December 6
2nd Quarter Thu, February 1 - Fri, February 9, noon Thu, February 15
Fri, February 16
Winter Session Tue, February 13 - Fri, February 16, noon Separate notification

How to apply

Please apply using the application form below.
Application form for Final Exams
Application form for Session's Final Exams
  • Applications will not be accepted at the Academic Office counter.
  • This application is intended to confirm if the student qualifies or not to take the make-up examination. Is not to approve the student to take the make-up examination.
  • When submitting the applications, you are required to upload the certificates and necessary documents. Please allow enough time before the deadline to submit the application.
  • Application submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.
  • In case the required certificates cannot be prepared on time for the application or in case of inquiries about the reasons for NOT taking the examination listed below, please consult the office in advance at examteam@apu.ac.jp. After the exam, consultations are not accepted.
For the necessary certificates please refer to the table below.
Reason for Not TakingExamination Necessary Document or Requirement
Illness of the student Documents ① and ② described below, both MUST be submitted.
If only one of the two is submitted, the application will NOT be accepted. ① One of the following (*Only certificates proving the exam date is the date of medical examination or is within the period required for hospitalization or medical treatment etc, are valid). ② Medical Expenses Recepit
※Applications using self-examination kits or thermometer results are not acceptable. You MUST go to a medical institution to receive medical examination.
(death of a relative to the 2nd degree, i.e. spouse, parent, child, sibling, grandparent or grandchild)
Official death certificate with the actual date of death (Funeral thank you letter or official death certificate showing the date of death applicable for 7 days, including public holidays, from the date of death of parent, spouse or child, or 5 days, including public holidays, from the date of death of grandparent or brother/sister).
Disaster Certificate for disaster victim
Job interview Verification of Job Hunting Activities(After applying to receive it at the Carrer Office, only certificates with official stamp are valid)
Graduate school examination Examination admission slip
Transportation delay Delay certificate from transportation company
Absence connected to Japan's lay judge system Advance permission from the Dean of Academic Affairs
Unavoidable reasons such as participation in extracurricular activities.
(or in case of Natural Disaster, traffic accidents and other unexpected circumstances)
‘Extracurricular activities’ are limited to activities from organizations registered as APU clubs and circles, which are eligible of recognition within the [Absences Authorized by the University] system and approval from the Student Office is required. Thereafter, upon prior notification to the Academic Office, the Dean of Academic Affairs will make the decision. ‘Other unavoidable reasons’ are mainly natural disasters, traffic accidents and other unexpected circumstances beyond the student’s control. In such circumstances, upon prior notification to the Academic Office, the Dean of Academic Affairs will make the decision.


  • You will not be permitted to take a make-up examination for reasons that are not included in the above chart.
  • The make-up exam system described above, only applies to examinations held during the final examination period.
  • There is no official make-up examination system for mid-term examinations. Please seek advice from the individual instructor in these cases.
  • There is no official make-up examination system for language subject examinations. Please seek advice from the individual instructor even if the examination is held in the final examination period.
  • Students participating in APU's English Teaching Certificate Program who cannot take both the original exam and make-up exam due to the teaching practicum, etc., should consult with the Academic Office in advance.

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