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  1. Chapter 2: Classes & Syllabus

1. Syllabus

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APU Syllabus

APU Syllabus
*You will be redirected to the top screen of Campus Terminal.

【Syllabus Search Method】
※No login is required to search the syllabus.
①After accessing the Campus Terminal, select your language from the upper right corner, if necessary.
②Please select the search method that best suits your purpose from the "Syllabus Search" menu.

Course Numbers

APU has introduced “Course Numbers” as a way to specify the placement of courses within the curriculum and the systemization of the curriculum. These numbers are shown on the syllabus so that identifying the field and placement of a course will be relatively simple when students are browsing syllabi.

Course Numbering

Viewing the Syllabus Online

The syllabus is an important tool for providing students with information on courses, including the following items.
As course requirements may also be listed in the syllabus, please read the syllabus thoroughly when registering for a course.

  • Subject /Class Name
  • Semester offered (Fall / Spring)
  • Subject Code
  • Instructor
  • Course outline (course aims, learning objectives, teaching methods, method of grade evaluation, overview of each lesson)
  • Requirements for students
  • Textbook and further readings, etc.

Finding Textbooks and Reading Materials

The document below describes methods for finding and obtaining materials listed in the syllabus.

Finding Textbooks and Reading Materials(PDF)

Syllabus Favorites Function

Before the Course Registration Period begins, if you click 'Import from Course Data' on the 'Favorites' page of the Syllabus System, some courses that you have not selected as your favorites may be displayed.
These courses are the courses automatically registered for you by the university for the upcoming semester, but please note that the class details are not yet final.
The Academic Office will make announcements regarding classes and timetables on Campus Terminal so please check Campus Terminal for more information.


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