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  1. Chapter 7: Other Procedures (College Transfer, Accelerated Graduation, etc.)

5. Certifications

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GIS Analyst

What is a GIS Analyst?

A GIS Analyst is a professional who analyzes regions making use of geographic information systems. This profession is applicable to practices in a wide range of fields including city planning and marketing
*The Association of Japanese Geographer HP (http://ajg-certi.jp/gis/becomes.html

Eligible Curriculum

  • 2023 ST curriculum students
  • 2017 APS curriculum students
  • 2017 APM curriculum students

List of certified courses

Process for Acquiring Qualifications

  1. Credits must be earned for courses corresponding to all of [A], [B], [C], and [D].
    [Category A: at least 1 credit, Category B: at least 2 credits, Category C: at least 2 credits]
  2. Credits will be received for Category D courses through writing a graduate thesis using GIS.
  3. The Association of Japanese Geographers: Please fill out the required information in the application form prescribed by the Qualification Specialist Committee and apply to the Association of Japanese Geographers Qualification Specialist Committee together with the certification fee.

Important Points to Note

  • Category D courses will include an additional course application for the "038372: Graduation Project" in the future.
  • Faculty members in charge of Category D subjects will vary depending on the academic year. Depending on the academic year, even when a faculty member is available, Category D subjects may not be offered.When aiming to obtain qualifications, please confirm whether graduation thesis writing making use of GIS is possible with the applicable faculty member when applying for the preferred class belonging to the major seminar.



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