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  1. Chapter 8: College of Asia Pacific Studies
  2. 7. APS Major Education Subjects

7-1. What are APS Major Education Subjects?

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232023 Curriculum

  • 1.Students who enrolled as new (1st-semester) students from AY 2023 onwards.
  • 2.Students who enrolled as 2nd-year transfer students from AY 2024 onwards.
  • 3.Students who enrolled as 3rd-year transfer students from AY 2025 onwards.
  • These subjects help students understand the goals and philosophy of APS, acquire specialized knowledge and skills, and pursue their interests.
  • Most subjects can be taken from your 2nd year onwards.
  • APS’s Major Education Subjects are further divided into the following categories.
  • Please check the “APS 2023 Curriculum Outline” to see which subjects belong to which subject field.
Core Subjects These subjects help students understand the goals and philosophy of APS.
Area of Study Subjects Culture, Society, and Media (CSM) Students study the culture, society, and media of the Asia Pacific region to deepen their understanding of the various problems facing the region.
Global Economy (GE) These subjects help students learn the theories and analytical skills needed to understand the global economy. In addition to economics, students also learn about various issues related to coexistence, regional economies around the world, and more.
International Relations (IR) In these subjects, students focus on international politics and political science as well as related fields, such as economics, sociology, and media studies.
APS Common A Students acquire valuable knowledge and experience unrelated to their Area of Study through Field Study and other special lectures.
APS Common B
Seminar Subjects Students conduct research in specialized fields in small classes based on their respective research topics, individually optimized to meet their interests.

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